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Benefits of Content Marketing for Businesses

Gone are the days when businesses invested so much on tri-media (print ads, television, and
radio) to get their brand’s message across. Now, they are focusing their marketing strategies
on the Internet, using search engines, social media, and websites to gain the exposure they
need to reach the right people.

With digital marketing taking center stage as a medium to communicate with customers, how
do businesses catch the attention of the specific audience they want to attract?
That’s the tricky part.

There is a load of information available on the Internet. There are a lot of texts, images, and
videos that are used to deliver a brand’s message to a broad audience. This is Content

Content Marketing is now a tool used by brands to showcase their identity to their target
audience. It’s the way they present themselves distinctly to be above the rest of their

But specifically, how can content marketing benefit your brand? We give you four reasons on
how your business can benefit from content marketing and provide you with tips on how you
can elevate your marketing game.

It gives you a more cost-effective way to build your brand identity and position your
brand the way you want to

In the old times, the only way you can build your brand identity is through print ads, and if
you were big enough of an enterprise, through television. Eventually, when people patronized
your brand, you’d have an idea as to what type of people used these types of products. Like
branded clothes, such as Armani and Chanel were only worn by the rich and famous. At the
same time, those who shopped at Amber Combie and Fitch or Macy’s were in the middle-class

However, with the rise of the Internet and digital media, it has become easier for brands to
build a distinct identity for themselves and position themselves the way they want to.
Nowadays, businesses can make use of custom websites, social media platforms, and
streamed videos to present themselves to their audience. It’s easier for them to now target
the people they want to present their message through content marketing, and it’s a more
cost-effective way, too.

You can now post pictures of your products online, and you’ll know it has the potential to reach
people (with the right strategy of course). Many websites give you the opportunity to build
your own website with a professional web design so that you have a place where you can
freely provide them with information about your brand.

Content marketing is so broad that if you utilize it to flesh out the way you want your brand to
be, it can produce the results you want.

You have more creative options to send your message across to your audience.
As aforementioned, content marketing is so broad that there are so many options you can use
to relay your message across your audience. For example, you can elevate your website to
make it more interactive with your audience. That way, it becomes more memorable.
Although you can go for something simple and static, you have to make sure it makes an
impression on your target consumers. There are many image editors you can utilize to create
your ads or you can even hire a designer to do it for you. You no longer have to print out flyers

to give out to random people outside for promotion. You can make use of social media and
other digital platforms to make your advertisements visible to the specific audience you want
to relay your message to.

Also, now you don’t have to spend a lot on getting a slot on television to put out a video about
your brand. Now, with the internet, you can upload video content for free and promote your
service to the audience you want to specifically target.

With the content marketing strategy, you can reach thousands of people who can potentially
be your business’s loyal clients or consumers.

It promotes an easier and closer engagement with your target consumers.

Content marketing on the internet is aimed to be more personal. Brands are leaning more unto
connecting more with their consumers, creating content that forges closer relationships with
them or that is specifically catered to them.

Marketers focus their content marketing on platforms that gain the most traffic, namely
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A report published by J. Clement on Statista states that in 2019, 2.82 billion people are using
social media. That number is expected to reach 3.09 billion in 2021. It’s also reported that
64% of users are on Facebook, making it the most used platform, with WhatsApp coming
second with 45% and Facebook Messenger with 37%.

These social media platforms give businesses an opportunity to promote the content to their
specific audience throug paid advertisements at cost-effective rates. At the same time, they
allow review wherein businesses can also address the concerns and inquiries of clients through
their business page.

After all, it’s easier for them to now address major issues that concern their brand to the

Back in the old days, only big brands can address issues concerning their products, paying for
press releases and press conferences to answer the concerns the majority of their consumers
are facing. Now, they don’t have to pay so much on releasing their statement. They can now
post their official statements on social media sites or their websites, gaining a broader reach in
the audience.

Overall, content marketing has now become a strategy for businesses to not only capture an
audience’s attention but to keep their attention on them as well.

It’s a more convenient way to gain brand loyalty.

And this is where we talk about how content marketing keeps your audience’s attention. With
consistent content, backed up with a full-proof strategy, you can guarantee brand loyalty,
which will, in turn, give you leads and generate more sales. Gaining loyal consumers can
guarantee more consumers in the long run because you will be recommended and promoted
due to customer satisfaction.

You have to remain visible to your brand-loyal consumers so that they have something to
share about on social media. Also, keep your content interesting.
Our advice?

Have a concrete strategy for your content marketing. Make use of SEO to keep your content

visible to the people you want to target. At the same time, keep your visuals and blogs in line
with your services and brand.

Don’t get too carried away with the creativity and stick with your vision.
In the future, more and more brands are going to innovate the way they market their
products, so it’s crucial that you also come up with something that makes you stand out as

Know that not every great idea you have is going to work when it comes to content marketing.
Never be afraid to go back to the drawing board and come up new great ideas!


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