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Best activities you can do while waiting for your flight.

Best activities you can do while waiting for your flight.


How many of you have had the experience of waiting for a flight? Almost everyone out here. Yes, at some point of our lives, we all have gone through this prolong period of wait. Lots of people and too much of chaos. Waiting at airports isn't only boring but frustrating too. But only if you haven't unleashed your creative streak. Yes, you can entertain yourself in a lot of ways while you wait for your flight. For instance, why don't you play free online games? It is a great way of killing time. Want to know more such ways to make your flight wait worthwhile? Here you go.


Try your hands at photography: Do you love clicking photos? In that case, airport is the place for you. Trust me, you can click some of the coolest photographs here. After all, the backdrop is so amazing here. So, unleash your inner photographer and start clicking right away. You will get some Instagram worthy selfies for sure. In fact, if you are into airplanes and aircrafts, click their pictures too. You don't get to see these million-dollar machines every other day. So, why not click and keep it intact in your memory? Trust me, your photography skills can help you kill time in the coolest way possible.

Play crosswords: It is another great way of making that long wait bearable. Yes, online crossword puzzles are fun, entertaining and knowledgeable, all at the same time. Try playing a game or two of it and you can unleash your inner wordsmith like never before. And you know what's the cherry on the cake? The fact that crosswords serve as a real money earning game too. Yes, you heard that right. There is an online crossword with the name Wealth Words that gives real money as winnings. In fact, if you are good at crosswords, you can end up winning a whopping cash prize worth $2288 here. How amazing is that? Who knew waiting for your flight could take your bank balance a level up?


Make the most out of the free Wifi: The WiFi at most of the airports is free. So, why not make the most out of it? In fact, you can use it for playing Wealth Words too. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Further, if you have some pending work left like sending a mail to your boss or following up with a colleague, do it through the free Wifi.


Get into conversations: Airport is a place where you see people of all kinds. Different culture, different race and different languages. So, try initiating conversation with strangers. It is a great way of learning and gathering interesting information of other countries. Such knowledge can come handy anywhere. Though make sure you don't go over the top. There is a fine line between being friendly and being creepy. I hope you belong to the former category.


So, which option did you like the most? Are you going with the photography trick or want to make money with crosswords? Well, whichever option you choose, I hope it serves your purpose. Have a happy journey. For that your flight needs to take off though. Just kidding. After all, a little humor didn't kill anybody. Enjoy! 


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