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The Best Ways to Market your Adult Business

For many business owners, their brand is like their baby. They have spent months organising a business plan and locating the best products. This includes finding the best employees and advertisement platforms. That is why it is heart-breaking to realise that your brand is not reaching your target audience. The Adult Industry is a niche brand. That is why you cannot advertise it in the same way as a normal E-commerce brand. You need to focus on the best digital marketing techniques at your disposal.

With One in Five Searches on Google being for Adult Content, this search engine is about to become your favourite marketing tool. The Digital World is a place where the public can find what they want at the drop of a hat. This is why you need to give your target audience what they want as fast as possible. Whilst you may want to consider hiring a Digital Marketing Company to help grow your brand, here are some of the best tips that you can easily do yourself to market your Adult Business.

Understanding your Industry

Whilst the Adult Industry is full of potential customers/clients looking for open-minded people and adult products, if you are looking to get involved then you have to understand the industry itself.

Think of the Adult Industry as a shelf full of large compartments. Each of these compartments will hold smaller ones. It is up to you to figure out which one of these compartments you will need to open. Now, if the Adult Industry is a set of compartments, the larger ones will reflect the main categories of the Industry, such as Escort Services, Pornography Services and Adult E-Commerce, whilst the smaller ones reflect the more niche Adult Services of the Industry that reside within the main categories. For example, if we took the Escorting Industry as the main compartment, the smaller niches could involve VIP Escorts, Cheap Escorts, High-Class Escorts, Escort Agencies or Independent Escorts.

Basically, what that metaphor means is that you need to find a place for your brand to fit within the Industry. If you have a product that you are interested in selling, or are interested in creating an Adult Agency, do your research to make sure that it has a place to settle in the Adult Trade. Whilst you want your trade to have an individualistic selling point, you don’t want to define your product under a brand that will not suit it. That means that there is a less likely chance that an audience will actually look at your product. Worse still, there may be better-suited adult products that outshine it. So be sure to do your research before you start your adult marketing campaign.

A Big Brand Name

If you are looking to individualise your brand, the first thing you need to consider before anything else, is how you are going to title it. A Slogan for a new brand new business needs to be catchy and stand out in relation to its competition. This is where your creativity and understanding of your audience will truly come into play. If you are looking to appeal to a more X-Rated genre, you need to consider what sort of language you will want to use to capture their attention through their sexual intrigue.

However, you need to still keep your slogan simple enough for it to remain catchy. It needs to be something that will stick in your head either due to its wording or humour. So think carefully on your title and go for the best option that will fully fit your brand image. A more relatable title will mean that there is a higher chance that your audience will browse your brand.

Making your Product Unique

Whether you are in an adult business or general business, one of the main things that will make your product stand out is by having a unique selling point. If everything in the Adult Industry was the same then its potential clients would get bored very quickly. That is why you need to make sure your unique selling point is easily seen and has the potential to become popular quite quickly to a normal audience.

A fantastic example of this can be seen from Pornhub. When they examined their audience’s interests, they saw that the majority of its users enjoyed rap. That is why they started off a record label named “Pornhub Records” and launched a national song contest that would have a prize that would go on “PornHub” and would make around 500,000 views. This allowed it to overlap between the music industry and the adult industry.

So if you have a unique idea to bring to the Adult Industry, be bold and make it your main selling point. The more open you are about what you can offer your audience, as well as the amount of evidence (i.e. stats, data and reviews) that you can present alongside your product, the more likely your audience will see your brand as trustworthy. That means that you are more likely to get a bigger audience trying to purchase your products.

The Digital Playground

Advertising an Adult Brand can be a little more difficult than a normal brand. After all, you cannot just put up flyers, posters on transport and street signs, and there are quite a few rigid rules and restrictions when it comes to advertising for an adult product. Most marketers may start to despair when they have to jump through so many hoops to advertise their business, but this should not put you off from using the Digital World of the Internet to market your brand.

Think of the internet like a cesspool, the number of topics that are on it are practically endless. That is why the Adult Industry is so large because it can literally range to XXX content to Blogs that just dive into sexual advice. As long as you know where on the spectrum your Adult Content falls then you will be able to figure out search terms that will correspond to your product accordingly. For instance, if you are looking to create a Birmingham-based Escorting agency, you may want to consider search terms like “Hot Escorts Birmingham” or “Sexy Companions Birmingham”. The easier it is to find your product on the internet, the more likely you will be able to attract a target audience to your product.

You also need to consider what sort of digital medium you will want to market your product. Whilst the Internet is crammed with Social Media, Websites and Video Hosting Websites, you need to see which ones will allow for adult content. For instance, you may not be able to advertise your product on Youtube or Facebook, but you may be able to strike a deal with PornHub or an Adult Dating Site to make sure that you receive PPC (Pay Per Click) exposure from their audience.

Adult SEO

Of Course, if you want to expand your brand into the internet, you are going to need some Adult SEO to make sure that it is actually found on the internet. Google will judge different websites on its relevance to a certain search term. This is by comparing a term’s relevancy on a page and how trustworthy the page’s overall content is. The more trustworthy a page is deemed, the more likely that it will appear within the top pages of Google’s ranking. The majority of searchers barely go past page 2, let alone page 3 of search results. That is why it is essential for your brand to be in the top results of Google’s Algorithm.

Consider some of these ideas to improve your general SEO rating:

Make sure the majority of your Website’s Pages have High-Quality Content
Make sure your Website’s Content includes Keywords
Consider Backlinking and Guest Blogs to expand the relevance/trustworthiness of your website
Avoid Black Hat marketing techniques (i.e. spamming a keyword or links)
Consider your Hosting Speed for your Website
Make your Website follow a strict SILO structure (i.e. make sure it is fully categorised)
Create Partnerships/Collaborations between you and competition brands (Especially if you both have Social Media)
Advertise your Website on Social Media (as well as any content that you create as a “Guest Post”)

Simple techniques, like including Keywords in your Website’s Content, are things that you monitor on your website very easily. However, if you want more control over the SEO of your Website, you may even want to consider investing in SEO software, like Screaming Frog, The Hemmingway App, SEMrush or Website Auditor. These will help you keep track of your rankings and help you find pages on your website that need to be updated. You may even want to go on Google’s Algorithm itself to see what rating your website is at!

A Helping Hand

If you find yourself struggling to handle all of your businesses marketing, then do not worry, for there are Marketing Agencies out there that are ready to give you the advice needed to make sure your brand can flourish. A lot of them are adult orientated, so you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be judged on your chosen industry. Instead, the marketing agencies you work with will give you advice on a range of areas within your business, each bit of advice is personally tailored to your potential brand. This could be on your marketing strategy itself, or it could be on your brand’s potential website, SEO practices or the content needed to advertise your brand.

Whilst the advice of these companies will not come for free, you will get the chance to work with experienced individuals who can help you build your brand so that it may even become a common “household” name within the industry itself. Remember that you are free to make your own decisions when it comes to your business, but it is always helpful to have some experienced entrepreneurs guide you along the way.

Take your Business to the Top

No matter what sort of business you own, overall, you do want it to do well when it is finally advertised to the world. That is why you need to apply strict marketing rules to your advertisement campaign, both online and offline, to ensure that it gets the best exposure it can. By marketing to the appropriate audience on the most appropriate platforms, you will soon find that your Adult-Empire has started to flourish.

Good luck!


The Pros and Cons of Online Courses

Out of the many benefits that technology has provided to us one would be the ease and benefit to sit at home. While all the online courses were once considered inferior to the lecture halls nowadays the stigma has totally faded away. Now with the advancement in technology the standard academic curriculum has changed.

Not that the virtual classrooms are of any less importance, but even online colleges have become an accessible option for many. Students can now do anything at the comfort of their homes. Whether young or old students have the choice to pursue their career no matter whenever they feel like. But are there even any benefits to online learning? Or is there something that is missed while taking online classes.

The Pros of Online Learning

Flexible Learning

When you opt for an online course you have a very flexible schedule to do the rest of the daily tasks. Like you can do a job side by side, study and take out time for other activities as well. No matter where your place of stay is located you can study a course for which classes are given in some other place, country, nation. Digital classrooms can be accessed anywhere so that is the best part. You also do not require classroom attendance.

Individualized Learning

Students that take online courses can learn in a way that can benefit them. Online learning helps the students that understand their weaknesses and strengths. This method is helpful for students who are slow learners as they not have to pretend picking up early like others. At their own pace anybody can learn.

Online courses give huge opportunities to people who want to pursue education at an older age

There are students who might have left studies years back and wish to get back to studying they can opt for online education. People who are older in age will feel more confident in attending online courses compared to those who are young. The Central Alabama Community College has 44% students who take online classes. And, a large chunk of the students are above the age of 30.

The Cons of Online Courses


In big organization and companies’ employers look for employees who have got their education from a regular institution and have taken offline classes. Employers generally take it as a drawback, and they do not consider people with offline educational course as competitive people. Because people who have not studied in a physical classroom those people do not have the practical life experiences of solving problems, analyzing real life situations and conditions.

Online Courses are not available for different Subjects

Although there are many options available for pursuing an online course but one that it lacks is the variety of subjects and courses that it has to offer. There is a very limited choice when it comes to choosing the perfect option and making the right choice for your life and a bright future.

Lack of 1 to 1 teaching

The biggest drawback for opting for an offline course is that there is no 1 to 1 teaching in an in any online course. Although the classes are live but still in case of confusion your teachers are not available all the time for 1 to 1 interaction. When there is no direct teaching the students will have to wait for a very long period for response.

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How to Start an E-commerce Business in 2019

With globalization increasing at a rapid pace and use of internet technology too, people prefer doing things quickly and easily without investing much of their time, money and energy.

If you consider today’s generation and ask them to go and buy some of their essentials like clothes, beauty products or even groceries from a supermarket or a mall, they simply avoid going out if the house and just sit on the comfortable couch with their smartphones and order it online. And you wonder how they do that?

It’s all because of e-commerce. And what exactly is e-commerce?

E-commerce is just the process of buying and selling product or services by electronic means such as by online website, mobile applications and the internet. E-commerce refers to both online retail as well as electronic transactions.

And considering the usage of internet in this 21st generation, e-commerce has hugely increased in popularity and in ways, it’s replacing traditional stores like malls, supermarket, normal stores, and shop. As the internet is becoming basic in our daily lives, acceptance of e-commerce continues to grow, and all the consumers and businesses are taking advantage of this.

Traditional stores have many limitations like not working for 24/7, not able to reach a wide area network, not many alternatives available, limited stocks and most importantly sometimes there are outdated stocks. But e-commerce has overcome all these limitations by enabling you to buy and sell products on a global scale, twenty-four hours a day without incurring the same overheads as you would with running a usual traditional brick.

So now even you wish to start an e-commerce business, right? Starting an e-commerce business store demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time and hence is hard work. But especially for you, to help you with how you can start an e-commerce business in 2019, we have put together a simple and complete step by step blueprint:

Research what E-commerce Business is all about:

The first important step before you start an e-commerce business is beginning your research. You need to carefully plan your steps and business as starting anything would require you to invest time, energy, money, and other potential investments. You even need to understand all the business models available out there before you and choose a one which suits best for you. But consider your business structure, budget, business idea, and customers demand before you decide on your business model.

If you plan to sell your goods in bulk, you could simply consider going for wholesaling or warehousing model; if you plan to sell customized products, you could consider going for personalization model and if you plan for selling a single product or give services, you could consider going for retail model.

Customer Research:
Your second step is to reach what your customers desire. Answer the following questions to get through this stage:
What are you for the e-commerce market?
What type of business model are you opting for?
What customers are you targeting on?
What are the demands of your target customers?
Once you have the answers to these questions you need to plan about the product or services you plan to sell.

Product Selection:

Once you have identified a business model and also know what your customers desire for, you need to select your business idea. In this step, you need to define the product or services you are willing to sell and see how much demand for that particular product and services is available in the market. Pen down all your ideas and evaluate it according to your budget, customers need and market demand and decide which product or services you would like to deal with.

Connect with Suppliers:

Decided with your product and services? The next thing is you need to connect with the suppliers and your input service providers who would provide you the product or services you would further sell in your e-commerce business. Make sure that you have enough backup from them when your business booms in the market

Establish your E-commerce Business and Brand:

You need a brand that would connect you with your customers and getting in the successful tag and building your credibility in the market. So how do you start your online store?

Step 1: Register your Business – Choose a business name which is unique and perfectly defines your store and register it with the legal authorities to gain legal protections and tax benefits.

Step 2: Choose a Brand Name – Your business name and brand name can be different but to have it same has its own benefits. Keep in mind that your brand name should fit your store and niche and is unique as you don’t want to pick a name which is already in use to avoid legal actions.

Step 3: Get a Logo for your Business – If you consider today’s trend each and every business even on small to large scale have their own logo. Hire a logo designer or design it yourself to give your brand and business a professional touch.

Step 4: Get your Business Licence – To start and deal in any business you need to have an authorized license. So check with your city, state or country’s authority to get all your business, tax and other needed licenses.

Step 5: Get Image and Visuals for your Business Websites – Once you have registered your business and have your logo designed, you need to get everything visualized to incorporate it with your business’s website

Step 6: Understanding Search Engine Optimisation – Once you are ready with your online store, you need to understand the basics of search engine optimization so that you can accordingly structure your website any search engine. If you aren’t good in SEO, I’d recommend using shopify to start your store and upgrading on the go.

Attracting Customers:
Just starting an e-commerce store is not enough. You need to attract customers to it and how do you think that would happen? You definitely have to create a market for your e-commerce business and that happens only when you advertise your business. You can hire a marketing agency for that job if you have enough money but if you are limited to money source you should have good networking to spread words for your store.


Building your own e-commerce business is as challenging as it is exciting. Once started you will learn more about choosing a product, evaluating its marketability, figuring out how to get it produced, building an online store, and marketing and selling to new customers. The process sounds challenging but it’s rewarding at the same time.
If you have any questions or can think of any other recommendation for any steps we missed about starting an e-commerce business, feel free to post them in the comments below.


6 Wonderfully Cultural Cities of Northern Spain

“Like Spain, I am bound to the past.” – William S. Burroughs
The fact that Northern Spain goes overlooked in one respect, by most is something of a shame. But in other words, it’s actually considered a blessing as it gives discerning travelers the chance to discover such a region that still reflects the rare ‘undiscovered’ aura from it.
So if you’re wanting to take a dive into the very best of this cultural hub, then you simply cannot and definitely will not go wrong with the ones mentioned below…
San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located in Spain’s Basque Country and lies on the beautiful Bay of La Concha which is a shell-shaped coastal landmark. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. San Sebastian is an absolute mecca for the summer sunseekers as it is home to the three most incredible beaches named Zurriola, Ondarreta, and La Concha. Within the confines of San Sebastian every year, there are a number of important festivals that are held. These include the Festival of Santo Tomas, San Sebastian Film Festival, and many more. The amazing Basilica de Santa Maria, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, and the Miramar Palace are the best ones among the Architectural centerpieces found here.

If you want to take in the true heart and soul of Bilbao, then the very best way to do that is on foot. Stroll alongside the River Nervión in order to gain an insight into Bilbao’s past and future. Two of the city’s most impressive architectural feats is represented by the Isozaki Atea and the Guggenheim Museumand skyscrapers. On the other hand, make sure you don’t miss the cultural experience provided by the Alhóndiga arts and leisure centre. You’ll be in your element at the Gran Via if it’s high-class shopping you’re on a hunt for. You must simply allow yourself to get lost for a few hours at the Old Town, which as a whole is an area. Along the way you can stop by at a couple of tapas bars to sample the local pintxos.

Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region of Spain. It oozes with charm and elegance, boasting an absolutely beautiful coastal location in which you’ll find many incredible bays to explore. It is flanked by stunning countryside and mountains on all other sides. The more you walk up the imposing hills of the city, the more you’ll find the views into the Cantabrian Sea becoming incredible. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Cantabrians also rely on the sea as the key resource when it comes to the truly decadent local cuisine. Alive and kicking at all times, the Alameda de Oviedo Boulevard is full of endless shopping opportunities.

Vitoria-Gasteiz is flanked on all sides by the greenest of Green Spain and is truly considered as a historic and artistic hub for the north side of the country. Since the Middle Ages, much of the enchanting Old Quarter of the city has remained untouched, and is presently home to an beguiling assortment of Romanesque and Renaissance mansions. By far one of the most captivating and impressive in the whole of Spain is the Cathedral Viejo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria. Now, to mention some of the main attractions – the International Theatre Festival, a long-running International Jazz Festival, and the Azkena Rock Festival. All of these are more than worth checking out.
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Santiago de la Compostela

The city of Santiago de la Compostela has been famed as the destination of a significant pilgrimage route. Santiago de la Compostela is one of the most culturally rich cities in Spain and has an impressive claim to fame as it was recognized as the very first tourist destination in the world. Visiting Santiago de la Compostela today is all about strolling around aimlessly in this UNESCO World Heritage old town and nibbling tapas in as many taverns as possible.

There are a few places that deliver quite like Burgos for a true taste of the north’s ancient past. This stunning medieval city is famed all over the world for its magnificent cathedral and has been preserved considerably better than most over the centuries. The UNESCO World Heritage status has been awarded to this cathedral, even though the other countless churches across the city are equally captivating as the former. If you are traveling to this city, you will find yourself making use of the opportunity to sample the cuisine of Burgos in the centuries that have gone by at any of the other fabulous medieval-themed restaurants of the city. You’ll also end up exploring a living museum.
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So take a trip to Northern Spain and delight in its innumerable charms today. Trust me, you’ll have the time of your life! ☺


HOSTINGER- A complete hosting solution in itself

If you are researching for finding the most affordable hosting solutions for your website or business – you have come to the right place where you will learn everything about Hostinger.

According to all the surveys and comparisons conducted online, Hostinger is the most economical and reliable solution for your website(s). So, the next question arises, is this actually worth using?  In this write-up, you will learn about the offers, highlights, and all the benefits of having Hostinger. The most essential attribute of Hostinger will be that it is one of the reasonable website hosting companies where you can select packages according to your need along with a free domain name.

Before you even think of running your business, the prior consideration should be given to the internet connection because it is the internet that runs it in entirety, if you look at it. My recommendation will always be Spectrum internet, as I had been using their services both at home and work and I deal with selling/buying, designing of the website for a decade now and, trust me, I know what you need. Internet is the backbone for any tech-related business or work as a freelancer too, and to ensure high performance of your websites – internet provider is essential.

You’ll get to know a lot about highlights and advantages to experience a smooth working of WordPress blog or site. I was doing some researching for reconsidering my previous hosting solutions and I came across a talk which had panels from tech industry endorsing hostinger. It may appear that other hosting solutions on the market are giving wonderful features and pricing. To find out more about Hostinger we shall discuss all the essentials we consider while signing up for hosting:

FREE Domain Name

You want to create a website, what will you do first?

If you purchase web hosting services and a domain name, it’ll cost you approximately $12 for a basic plan to $80 every year; however, the exact figures depend on the nature of the services you need when it comes to web-hosting. Typically, domain registration costs $8 to $15 on a yearly basis and hosting costs $2 to $10 monthly. Consider the option that get you the Premium Plan for hosting your website at just $2.15 every month. In any way you would have to pick a one-year membership.

You can, regardless of any prerequisite, get a free domain name which is available in the upgraded plans. Hostinger gives unlimited and free space to Premium and Business plans. Keeping that in mind, they exclusively offer free registration for .com, .net, .data, and .xyz, only, but again it’s an incredible opportunity to get a free site name.


Everything is pointless if your site contains great content, but, is down against competitor’s sites. The thought of server uptime is likely the biggest and most essential whenever selecting a hosting company. However, you don’t need to stress over the downtime, because downtime is pretty tolerable. One must purchase web hosting from the company that promises to deliver the most dependable server time with less than 1% of downtime.

Control Panel and Site Builder

Hostinger utilizes a custom control panel where things are rearranged with the goal of monitoring the site effectively from back-end. The most amazing part is, even an inexperienced person can easily use it. You will notice that every single feature is available – transfer speed, DNS records, Email accounts, CPU, and space capacity utilization, and so on.

Creating domains, database, and allocated space are fundamental. There is countless added information available within the cPanel, for example, monitoring database and managing email accounts, document administrators, FTP account, and IP blocker.

More than 2 million sites have just been made through Hostinger’s free tool, called Zyro. The in-built interface can be pushed in a single tick from consumers’ hosting account on the board. It offers several CMS contents, for example, Joomla, WordPress, and so on with a single tick auto host utility. In this way, newcomers can introduce WordPress by utilizing the One-Click installer within 2 minutes.

You will find hundreds of free template which can be customized using Zyro drag and drop builder. Following that, Zyro’s WYSIWYG stage consequently directs consumers through a few stages of including and altering content, arranging navigational menus, and monitoring SEO settings. While some basic editors can make including and adjusting components surprisingly confused, Zyro helps its consumers with pictures, content boxes, and more snaps – ensuring your structure possess the best impact.

Customer Support

Live Chat and Ticketing System are the fundamental strategies for contacting Customer Support which is best with respect to web hosting.


Live talk is a fantastic method to get in touch with the specialized group when you face any issue. The customer support will always be there since they are available all day, every day with email support and instant live chat. Moreover, their response time to messages is amazing as they answer very rapidly. The answer within a couple of minutes to two or three hours to fix your issues faster than you expect.

There is a similar refined library where articles about offers, informative newsletters, and other specialized data connected to hosting issues are available.

Hostinger Plans and Pricing

This web hosting gives virtually a wide range of web hosting, for example, shared, VPS, cloud, and WordPress hosting bundles. All designs are divided into sub-plans, for example, Cloud VPS hosting arranged into six unique designs, and the standard bundles have Single, Premium, and Business.

You will get a standard WordPress hosting with great features including free hosting, free backup, allocated storage space according to the package, custom Cpanel, unlimited data transmission, and so on.

Up-front yet All-inclusive Email Tools

Consumers who buy any of the main packages from Premium or Business hosting plans appreciate unlimited email accounts, included in their plan without any extra charges. Site owners can proficiently monitor accounts just by accessing webmail alongside other email highlights from the Cpanel.

Email highlights incorporate the capacity to set email sending and auto-responders, alongside changing mail exchanger data. Directors can authorize their record’s Sendmail, SMTP or POP3/IMAP administrations. Presumably, the most stimulating email highlights Hostinger offers is the capacity to progress all messages sent to a user’s domain, regardless the presence of an email account.

Payment Methods

You can obtain hosting registration using available payment methods at Hostinger, for example, Visa Card, Paypal, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Amex, Maestro, and JCB, and so on.

The Bottom line is…

After researching and comparing, it seems like Hostinger gives enough advantages and highlights at significantly lower costs when compared to other competitors in the market. It offers help 24/7, SSD-fueled hosting, and monetary space name enlistments.

Combined with Hostinger’s remarkable control panel, we wholeheartedly prescribe Hostinger to prospective consumers looking for a complete and most affordable web hosting site.

Author Bio: Nathan John works as a content editor at Spectrum Offers. He has seven years of experience in content writing and he writes about technology, business and entertainment.



Increasing pollution and the threat of global warming have accentuated the need to replace petroleum-fueled vehicles with emission-free substitutes. After decades of R&D, the industry has found electric vehicles as the best substitute for conventional vehicles, which has resulted in the emergence of electric vehicles.

An electric vehicle (EV) uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. Advancements in battery technology have helped increase the driving range of an electric vehicle. Hence, the popularity of EVs has grown in the recent past.

Ambitious EV targets and policy support from governments have resulted in the lowering of EV costs. In addition, factors such as extended vehicle range and improvement in charging infrastructure have fueled the demand for electric vehicles globally.

Led by China, the Asia Pacific region has the highest sales of electric vehicles. China is focusing on electric vehicles to deal with the rising vehicle emission in the country. The Chinese government is providing subsidies for the electrification of vehicles, which, in turn, has increased the sales of electric vehicles in China. The subsidies are offered for pure electric vehicles and hybrids. Over the years, the cost of the battery has reduced, which would again have a positive impact on the market for electric vehicles in China. The Chinese government is providing subsidies on the purchase of an electric car. For instance, the government subsidy includes passenger car purchasing incentives of RMB 55,000 for BEVs and RMB 30,000 for PHEVs.

The global electric vehicles sale crossed 2 million units marks in 2018 with China having more than 50% market share. The growth of the electric vehicle market is driven by government funding, subsidies, and incentives; growing demand for electric vehicles; increasing concerns of environmental pollution; and huge investments from automakers in EVs. However, factors such as high price and small distance covered by EVs and the lack of standardization can restrain the market growth.


Sources: OEM websites, Secondary sources and MarketsandMarkets Analysis

The Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI), which is a multi-government policy forum dedicated to accelerating the introduction and adoption of electric vehicles worldwide, has set a target of reaching an electric car fleet of 20 million by 2020 globally. The Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility and Climate Change has also set a similar global deployment target of 100 million electric cars by 2030.

Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) are also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or electric charging points. It is an infrastructure that uses electricity to charge battery electric vehicles (BEVs) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The need for electric vehicle charging stations has grown rapidly because of the increasing adoption of BEVs and PHEVs.  

EV sales are increasing globally, especially in countries such as Japan, China, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the US. These countries, with favorable government policies, incentives, and infrastructure investment, account for more than 90% of the world’s EV sales. The electric vehicle sales in North America are projected to be the second largest during the forecast period. North America is a regional hub for many renowned automotive OEMs, which are known for delivering quality and high-performance vehicles. OEMs in North America such as Tesla and GM focus on the development of faster, cleaner, and high-performance electric vehicles. The top-selling electric vehicles in the US are the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf.


Sources: Statista, Automotive OEMs, Secondary Literature and MarketsandMarkets Analysis

China has emerged as a powerhouse in the EV market. Attracted by government subsidies on EVs, more than 200 companies plan to manufacture and sell electric cars in China. According to Fitch, a leading rating agency, EV subsidies offered in China are the second best in the world after Norway. Another initiative known as preferential vehicle licensing system helps EV buyers in China get license plates for free and without a waiting period. Moreover, the country’s national grid is increasing investment in EV charging station infrastructure and is expected to spend approximately USD 2.4 billion by 2020 to further improve the EV charging station infrastructure. Favorable business environmental policies, such as “Made in China 2025,” are also helping startup companies to enter the EV market in China. For instance, in December 2017, Iconiq, a Chinese EV startup company, announced that the company will start the production of its 7-seater SUV electric car—Iconiq 7—in 2019. Another startup, NIO, backed by Tencent, Baidu, and Xiaomi, launched its 7-seater EV “ES8” in December 2017. The price of the vehicle is about half of Tesla’s Model X.

The US is estimated to hold the largest share in the North American electric vehicle market. The US automotive industry is inclined toward innovation, technology, and development of safe and comfortable automobiles. The increasing production of electric vehicles such as BEV, PHEV, and HEV is expected to drive the market for electric vehicle infrastructure in the country. Electric vehicle manufacturing companies such as Tesla, GM, and Nissan have a major presence in the country. Additionally, major providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure such as Car Charging Group and ChargePoint have a significant presence in the country. Battery manufacturers are also planning to expand their presence in the country.

Norway has witnessed full commercialization of the electric vehicle industry due to the incentives and tax breaks given by the government.  Also, electric vehicles are exempted from road tax, purchase tax, registration tax, import tax, and annual tax. Electric vehicle boom in Norway has resulted in the emergence of the e-mobility value chain, which comprises charging infrastructure, electricity manufacturers, and charging station owners.

Name: Swati Gupta.

Swati Gupta has 3+ years’ experience in Primary & Secondary Market Research, Business Analysis, Market Trend Mapping & Forecast, Competitive Intelligence etc.

As a Research Analyst at MarketsandMarkets, Swati is responsible for report making, data analysis, data forecasting, handling consults and ad-hoc client requests and diligent with strong problem solving to build information products aligned with client’s requirements.

Mobile app development

Difference between iOS app and Android app |A guide for beginners


Mobile App Development and usage:

Mobile app development has gained significant momentum these days. The app industry is growing rapidly contributing a lot to the new economy. Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life and the use of apps have enabled the tasks to be done easily and quickly. Apps are used in several segments like retail, manufacturing, finance, and medical industry. Apps are also made for personal use like security and family. Ordering food, booking cabs, playing games and a lot more through apps is done. There is a lot of scope for aspirants seeking a career in the field of app development because mobile app developers are highly paid. So it is necessary to know about the different platforms used to develop apps.

A mobile with Android operating system will support only Android apps while the other having iOS operating system (OS) will support only iOS apps. However, hybrid apps can run on any platform.

1. Programming language

Java is used to develop Android-based apps. These apps are also made in Kotlin and C# (C-Sharp). Objective-C and swift are used for iOS-based apps. Programming in Java requires a lot of coding as compared to Swift or Objective-C. So the coding in Swift is faster but the market of Android phone platform users is still large.

2. Manufacturer

The Android operating system is developed by Google while iOS is developed by Apple Inc. Apple has developed iOS specifically for its hardware like iPhone and iPad. On the other hand, there are many manufacturers of Smartphones using Android operating system like Samsung, MI, Huawei, and Oppo.

3. Deployment time

The approval process for Android-based apps to be released on Google Play store is faster as compared with iOS-based apps on Apple Store. This is because automated testing process is used to check Android apps while iOS apps need manual verification by experts. Then error-free apps are launched on the respective stores. Google allows Andriod app developers to submit modified versions of the app on the same day so the developers should submit a well tested app or else it will dissatisfy customers with errors. An iOS app should also be well-tested by quality analysts in order to avoid the risk of rejection after so much waiting time.

4. Criteria for choosing the development platform

iOS app development can be more profitable than Android app development. For a startup/new mobile app development company, iOS development would generate more revenue in the beginning. Android apps are popular where the users are located in rising markets because these users often visit app stores. Overall, the global market share of Google’s Android is much higher than that of Apple’s iOS.

5. Design Principles

iOS app design is primarily based on human interface guidelines laid by Apple but material design principle is used in designing Android apps. So it is always better to make different designs for Android and iOS apps. There are also official guidelines for Android app design which should be followed by designers.

6. Development tools

The top Android app development tools include Android Studio, Basic4android, Eclipse, Corona   etc., while iOS application development is done with tools like Xcode, Jazzy, and Applyzer. PhoneGap and Xamarin are the most popular cross-platform mobile app development tools.

7. App development and launching cost

The overall cost of developing an app depends upon many things including functionality and portability of the app. The cost of developing a mobile app running on multiple platforms (hybrid app) is definitely high. Google play charges only one- time fee of $25 to launch an Android app while there is an annual fee of $99 charged by the Apple App Store for launching an iOS app.

8. Source model and OS family

Android is Linux-based and open source whereas iOS is OS X, UNIX-based and closed but it is with open source components.  Google has also developed Android TV for televisions and Android Auto for cars with both having an appealing user interface. iOS was first released in July 2007 while Android’s initial release was in September 2008.

9. Available languages and app stores

The user interface for Android Smartphones is available in more than 100 languages while the same is available for iOS in about 34 languages. Besides Google Play Store, other apps stores like Galaxy Apps, Aptoide, etc are available on Android systems.  On the other hand, iOS systems block third-party app stores. Only by unlocking iPhone or iPad phones, we can download and install apps other than the official Apple app store.


The mobile app development industry is growing rapidly and the future of mobile app developers is bright. It is estimated that the number of Smartphone users in the world would reach the mark of 5 billion by 2019. Android market is globally much larger than iOS. There is a bright and prosperous future in both iOS and Android app development.

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