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Kabir Singh Movie Review :All information about From Downloahub 2019

Hey guys, if you are here, it means that you definitely want to know about Kabir Singh's
review. Kabir Singh was famous in recent times. It is also known that Shahid Kapoor
performed his best in this film. If you want to know about Kabir Singh's review that you are in
the right place Here, you get all the information for this topic.


Kabir Singh is a film directed by Sandeep Reddy Wanga. The main cast of the film is Shahid
Kapoor and Kisera Advani. It was a medical college love story. If you prefer to watch more
romantic and romantic films from this movie.


What Dislike
Some parts of the movie did not like the audience. According to him, it is not okay to add it to
a story. When Kabir Singh's maid accidentally breaks the glass, he runs behind him to kill
him. In many parts, he has hung a cigarette in his lips, which shows a negative point in the
film. He asked to kneel down the knees. He loves his dog and treats him as a member of his
family but treats girls as a dog.

According to the audience, this part of the film is not funny but bad. These people can also
be those who hate Shahid Kapoor. That's because viewers clap in the cinema house and
enjoy these moments which shows their witty and liking by the audience.


What people like


Most of the film was liked by the audience. It was a screenplay of love story. In which Kabir
Singh meets with a fresher and loves the girl at first sight. The girl's father was her father
friend, so she wants to save her from ragging and see her.

This movie is often found oddly as if it warns the student in class in Punjabi, so that the
classmate does not understand.


The film also has some romantic portions that young people like. He was from college
toppers and a football player. His love was genuine and he was never afraid of anyone from
his family or family. The way he talks, the way he loves, the way he sleeps on him. The way
the viewers romance, this film is one of the most romantic films available in Bollywood.
In this three-hour film, we are full of medical students and surgeons. Some parts in the trick
are actually bad. She goes to the clinic to take the women to sleep with her.


Acting and Dialogs

Director Sandeep Reddy takes care of the Vanga dialogue in the film. In recent times the
audience is liking the movie which has a dialogue. Yes there are many dialogues in the film
but it was not so good. The way to say was good but the written dialogue is not useful to the
audience. This is because most of the conversations are negative.

If we talk about acting then Yes Shahid Kapoor was one of the best actors. He played a very
good role in the film Kabir Singh. According to his concept, it was perfect for the film. People
like their goggles and dressing style and their way of talking.

But people not found coolness in his behaviour which we can see in the movie.
According to me the story writing was good and there is a lot of romance and action in it. But
according to other viewers the film is a three star movie. It can be better if a director sees a
scene. But still it was some of the best films released this year.


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