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How Important Are Your Grades For Higher Education

When you are looking for higher education your grades are one of the most important aspects to keep an eye on. Your GPA (Grade Point Average) describes your quality in previous courses. It’s meant to score you during your studies and determines whether your overall grades have been high or low.

This number is then used to judge whether you meet the criteria and It plays an important role in getting admission if you want to get to go to any top university in your or another country. Like, if you want to get admission to medical colleges in Georgia, you need a good grade.

How does Grades work?

In the same approach that your professors and instructors offer you a grade to measure your progress or accomplishment in their course, your Grade Average could be a score used to measure your success throughout the whole thing of your degree program.

Your average grades that explain what you usually scored in your categories throughout the semester, term, and year. Your standard scores will go up and down throughout some time at the university and can modification per what quantity you improve your overall grades or, in some cases, what quantity you fell behind.

Grading system for some countries:

There are many grading systems. That many countries use for determining grade point average. Here are some common ways of determining GPA.

  • Percentage: in Belgium, India, Kuwait, Poland, Hungary, etc.
  • A-F: in the USA, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, etc.
  • 1-5: in Austria, Germany, Russia, Paraguay, Slovakia, etc.
  • 1-10: in Colombia, Netherlands, Israel, Latvia, etc.

There are many other grading systems but they are not much popular.

Meaning of good GPA:

Good GPA depends on the level of education. 

Good GPA for high school:

Whether your Grade is nice enough depends on the university or school wherever you would like to use this. high educational establishments may need students to maintain GPAs of 3.5 or higher. Of course, there also are colleges with less tightened admission needs, wherever you’ll be able to apply with lower Grades(2.5 or typically as low as 2.0).

Universities and faculties additionally inspect the variety of GPA for selection, if you’re at a high school that uses weighted GPAs, and one student contains a 3.0 GPA but takes advanced categories and other students contain a 3.5 GPA, but, takes easy categories, the university may select the first student, based on courses difficulties. This why you should not take easy categories. You should maintain a balance between less and advanced demanding categories.

Good GPA for Universities/Colleges:

Many Universities or Colleges required a good GPA for admission. In many colleges and universities, your GPA defines your qualifications for scholarships,  economic support programs, and other help. If you can not achieve the least GPA (usually 2.0, but varies from one institution to another), you might lose the economic help and scholarships.

GPAs also required for many other extra-curricular activities. If you have a low GPA you might miss those opportunities. If you want to get a Ph.D. or Master’s degree you have to maintain a good GPA. It also depends on the university where you want to get admitted. 

Like if you want to get admission to any top medical colleges in any university, you have to maintain your GPA of 3.65 on average. But some other university accepts students with 2.75 or 3.00 GPA.

Importance of GPA:

Your GPA is the only determination or consideration which shows how good a student you are, and whether you will be doing properly during the graduation program. When you come for admission, the university authority doesn’t know about your qualifications. So they need a determination for judging you and that is your GPA. You will be asking for your GPA in many situations. Here are some of those.

  • Joining a club or organization.
  • Applying for a scholarship.
  • Applying for a Ph.D. or Master’s degree.
  • Taking part in any extra-curricular projects.
  • Applying for a job.

In many situations, your GPA will be the key to unlock the next project. So be sincere about your GPA. It’s a numerous section of your career. 

How to maintain a good GPA?

It’s not easy to always maintain a good GPA. You have to work hard for it. If you begin with a low GPA, It will make much harder to achieve a good GPA at the end of your course. So the first step for getting a good GPA is – be sincere from the first day of your program.

You have to pay attention to submit assignments timely and attendance which takes a little part on your total GPA. If it falls any year you need to work hard and improve to recover that. After all, you need to work hard and be sincere about your studies for getting a good GPA.

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6 ways boarding schools can help in your child’s development

6 ways boarding schools can help in your child’s development
6 ways boarding schools can help in your child’s development

Parenting puts a family to confront a lot of decisions to be made on behalf of their children. And in the same run, when as a caring parent, you start considering the education of your child, you may happen to the option of boarding schools.

Whether it’s your family situations or a cherished desire to provide transformational education to your ward, you need to know about the other aspects of boarding school. And in a quest to support your endeavor, we are listing below 6 ways boarding schools can help in your child’s development!

There are a variety of benefits that a boarding school extends to its students. Additionally, if visualized in longer prospects, you may find that it pays off in the long run. However, it’s the availability of a vast number of activities, programs, and challenges in a day-to-day boarding school life that makes it work well. Wherein, a child gets a chance to varied opportunities, for instance, a chance to live in a community of learned and learners. And the exploration of learning aspects always gets the priority.

1) Exclusive learning programs

In your search for the boarding school best suited to your child’s need, you may find some that offer exclusive programs, hard to find in regular schools. That makes them a good option for the students seeking that very particular program. For example, you can find some boarding school in India that focuses on futuristic career preparation. For instance, CP Gurukul, a part of career point organization, draws upon the best resources of Career Point Coaching to help their students prepare for exams like JEE and NEET. 

2)  Path to top national and international colleges or universities

Schools are also considered as preparatory schools leading to top global universities. Wherein, students can take up any foreign language program in their early classes to target future educational prospects in the country of their choice. Pre-University preparation proves to be beneficial for students in general; hence some boarding schools prepare their students for this next step of their lives. These institutions provide preparatory programs to help crack entrances and tests of top international universities. These programs are meant especially for those children who are passionate to lead in global exposure.

This way, the concerned parents can use these boarding schools as a means for their child to get access to the most respected and reputed universities around the World.

3)  Excludes reliability on private tuitions

It’s very common to find the tuition culture throughout India, whether its village, small town, or big cities. And with most of the students enrolled in academic support programs in the formats of tuitions, it suggests that the students of a regular school lag behind somewhere academically.

While in contrast, life and study at boarding school don’t leave room for private tuitions. Instead, they lean on their teachers for extra support, which makes them more independent learners. It provides an environment where the learner enjoys learning, and the focus doesn’t remain only on Board exam preparation.

4) Access to requisite infrastructure in one place.

If you put in a little effort to explore top Boarding schools in India, then you will find some that have excellent infrastructure. That includes all the necessary recourses to aid academic, as well as extracurricular learning. For example, apart from the academics, Career Point Gurukul Kota provides its students access to 6 sports court and 4 sports ground. Like volleyball court, basketball court, squash court, cricket squares, other infrastructure housing indoor games, etc.

5) Fills the gap of your unavailability

Some parents look for the options to fill the gap of their unavailability. They remain involved in work or any personal situation that leaves them with less time to attend to their child and provide a stable environment. For instance, involvement in the type of work that requires constant travel for work and thus unable to provide a stable environment for their child’s education. They can choose Boarding schools that offer excellent overall care to their students, where highly qualified staff members and faculty look after all the aspects of a child’s growth.

6) Preparedness for after-school life

The transition from school to higher education can be rough terrain for many students. Since it gets hard to get away from the family support system and a place they are used to, also its gets challenging to get acquainted with a new place and a new style of learning. The transition from school to university or college gets seamless as the students need to learn how to manage their time and work priority.

However, it doesn’t act as a hurdle in the case of boarding school students. They prepare their students for the larger World they plan to enter, form higher academics leading to top-notch jobs, to entrepreneurial goals.

It’s the social and academic preparation through which boarding schools ensure student’s success after post-senior secondary education. It involves them to manage every aspect of their day to day life and offer exposure to multi-culture, make their students more independent, and flourish in a diverse environment. As a matter of fact, the students of boarding school feel prepared for their higher education and are likely to earn advanced degrees like Master’s or Ph.D. and lead more distinct roles in their career.

Thus the education at the boarding school is not only crucial for personality grooming as well as growth and development academically, but it also acts as a precursor for after-school life.

However, it may not be very easy for some children to adjust to a new environment far away from home. So the Parents need to consider many factors before deciding if boarding school is the right choice for their wards like the goal of their child, aspirations, temperament, etc.

Therefore they should visit the school, meet with their faculty members and talk to the students currently studying there before they conclude their hunt and spot the best boarding school.

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Boost Your Confidence: 10 Amazing Tips to Help You

Boost Your Confidence
Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence: 10 Amazing Tips to Help You

Confidence is one of the most significant aspects that a person can have, amongst having a beautiful soul and being truthful. 

When you meet someone for the first time, you look at them and see how well they can talk and behave. These are the qualities that show confidence in any person. 

Say you were to apply for a job in the future, with the appropriate qualifications and knowledge but lacked confidence. What do you think will happen? Chances are, you may not get the job. 

To make sure that you get what you want, you will have to have confidence in yourself. 

I know it is easy to say, but I would hope that this article is able to help you in gaining some amount of confidence. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

  • Meditate

There is no doubt that you have heard of the powers of meditation. I was never one to be able to meditate, but by putting my mind to it, I did it. With the powers of meditation, I was able to create an overall healthy lifestyle for myself and lower my blood pressure. For children as well, meditation can have significant effects. Meditation can calm their minds and make them recognize their potential. 

  • Exclude Negativity

Our brains work in a strange way. Continually thinking in a negative manner can have drastic impacts on our life and health. It is essential to understand that we must talk to ourselves in a nice manner and keep encouraging ourselves to do more than what we think we’re capable of. Even if we believe that only bad things are happening around us, we must try to find the good in these situations.

  • Practice

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “practice makes a man perfect.” Well, the only reason it is still in use is because of how true it is. You must keep trying to do things that you aren’t good at because eventually, no one would be able to beat you at this. This is one of the ways I keep telling people. This is how you can boost your confidence. Once you start getting better at something you’re putting your mind to, your confidence levels shall rise automatically. 

  • Fake it till you Make it

I understand your concern when it comes to me asking you to be fake. Now, this advice doesn’t apply to every situation and for every person. What I mean is that even when you’re not feeling very confident in yourself, you need to push the feeling of being unsure and learn how to handle weird situations and act accordingly. There may be opportunities at the end of the line. Be ready for situations where your confidence will be tested. 

  • Listen to Music

Every person has a unique taste in music, but according to research, there is one particular type of music that can help anyone in boosting their confidence. Try listening to heavy-bass music as it is known to charge you up with tons of energy running around in your body. If you do feel low, for some reason, try not to listen to sad or slow songs and music. It may just worsen the situation for you. 

  • Analyze Your Strength

When you begin to understand where you stand apart from everybody else, you will start to cater to a different level of confidence in yourself. You will soon be able to appreciate the talent that you have developed and be happy with yourself. Even if you take a small step in the right direction, it can help you a lot. 

  • Be Respectful

We have always been taught to respect others, especially everyone who is older than us. So then why does nobody talk about respecting yourself? You must accept your mistakes, learn from them, and give yourself a pat on the back for not repeating them. You must appreciate your work and the efforts you put into doing it. 

  • Sit Straight

One of the biggest influencers of gaining confidence is having a straight posture. When you sit with your back straightened out and your head held high, you can see that your confidence will touch the skies in no time. Just try to imagine that you have a book on your head that you don’t want to fall. With a little practice, you’ll reach your sky!

  • Dress to Impress

A lot of times, how you look will determine how people will perceive you. If you want to be seen as a reliable and confident person, then showing up with sweatpants and a t-shirt is probably one of the worst ideas that you could implement. Dress how you feel comfortable while making sure that you can take your confidence to another level.

  • Create an Exercise Routine

Exercising will stretch your muscles and push all the weariness out of your body. When you feel healthy and fresh from the inside, it will begin to show on the outside as well. When you create a routine for yourself, your confidence will boost since you will feel better about your health and yourself. 

  • Develop Empathy

A great way to develop confidence is by focusing on making sure that you have empathy. By talking to your friends, family members, and peers, you can increase your confidence. These are the people who might be readily available to help you on your journey.

  • Smile More Often

According to research, when you sport a big smile, it will give you the confidence you need in a particular situation. Initially, you may have to keep making a conscious effort to smile, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and be comfortable in smiling. Soon your confidence and smile will walk hand in hand.

  • Do Not Depend on Someone 

You might come across a situation that you may feel is impossible to deal with alone. Did you give it a try? No, right? So then why not try to fix it yourself before you ask for help from someone? Give yourself a little time to think about everything, calm yourself down, and then if you feel like you need to consult someone, do it. Generally, this will be an excellent boost for your confidence if you can solve the situation. 

It is okay not to feel confident at all times. 

A lot of people face that. Even I do. 

What you must do in this situation is to remember who you are and what you have done to reach a certain level of confidence. You should never forget this. 

You might just be having a day off, but don’t let it get to you. You are better than the situation you are in. 

Like you read in this article, there are a lot of ways in which you may begin your journey towards becoming a confident person; there are a lot of other tactics as well.

There has to be something in this world that works for you. 

I hope you are able to find it and eventually reach the pinnacle of success. 

Good luck to you on your journey! 

Author Bio:

Priyanka Joshi is associated with marketing activities of Nalanda International School, Vadodara and has a passion for writing and collecting stamps. Nalanda International School provides best-in-class education to the students with latest facilities.


How to choose cost effective school Management software for school?

  • How Much Does School Management Software Cost?
  • What is the cost effective School Management System in India?
  • How a School Management Software is Cost-Effective
  • How does the school management system help in cost saving?
  • How much cost will take to create a school management software ERP?
  • What is the cost of a school ERP in India?
  • What is the cost of school management system in India?
  • How much does it cost to implement a school management system?

How to choose cost effective school Management software for school?

A School Management Software has become the most important component of the educational sector since about a few years. As the time is passing by the need and requirement of the school management software is also increasing from time to time. Thus if you are required to select an appropriate dealer of the School Management Software, you are required to have a good level of knowledge of the concerned software. This is in turn will help you to select the most appropriate software for the management of your school. You are also required to make sure that you are paying an appropriate price for the most appropriate kind of the management software for your school.

As a part of the school management you need to ensure that you get an access to some of the most basic features of a School Management Software in a cost effective way. You need to ensure that your School Management Software includes some of the basic elements such as the organization of the various different activities being conducted by the school and the maintenance of the various kinds of the admission procedures. In this way you need to ensure that you find feasible management software for your school which supports the basic functions conducted by your school.

You are required to always make sure that the School Management Software you are choosing is giving you more amounts of benefits than the overall amount of expenditure you have actually incurred in implementing the same. As a matter of fact you should never get swayed away by the fancy features of a School Management Software but you should always take into consideration certain important elements like the functioning capacity of the software, cost and the vendor’s experience in that particular area. You need to select the most appropriate kind of the software based on the fulfilment of your needs. 

Here are certain basic elements which you need to consider cost effective School Management Software: 


Continuous Updates


While selecting a cost effective School Management Software for your school you need to make sure that it has the potential to provide you with updates on a regular basis and that also at the correct point of time. In this way you can be confident that you are working with the most current kind of software due to the advancement of the technology at a fast pace. 



It is very much important for you to examine a particular School Management Software in a comprehensive manner before you start working with it. You need to find out about other schools which have made use of that particular software and probably for how long they have used that particular software. You need to also ensure that if that particular School Management Software has met the needs and requirements of the schools which had implemented it earlier. It would very much cost effective if the software you select for your school can be relied upon for a time span of 5 years at least. 



It is also very much vital to take into consideration the adaptability capacity of the School Management Software you are selecting for your school. You need to make sure that the particular kind of the software you are selecting can adapt itself to changes as per the needs and requirements of your school. You should also eliminate any possibilities that your school is adapting itself as per the requirements of the School Management Software you are selecting. You should never opt for selecting the best software in the educational sector but you should select the best for your needs and requirements otherwise it will not be of any benefit to you. 

Long- Term Establishment 


It is also very much important for you to select that particular School Management Software which is prevailing in the educational industry since a long period of time and which has long term experience in the same. This in turn will eliminate any kind of risks in finding any relevant papers and documents as and when required. In this way you don’t have to depend upon any particular person if you experience any kind of issue with it. 



It is also very much important for you to select such a School Management Software which can be expanded as per the need of your school. The total number of students, guardians, teaching and non teaching employees is bound to increase with time so if your software is expandable then it would be great for your school otherwise it would just be a waste of your resources. Thus it is very much important for you to validate the past record of the software you choose before you start working with it. 

User Friendly Platform

It is also very much vital for the School Management Software you select to be very much easy and comfortable to handle so that you are able to witness the ultimate set of benefits offered by that particular software. If the software adopted by you does not have a user friendly platform then would be very much difficult for the teaching and the non teaching staff to adopt and it will turn everything more instead of making the process easy. 

Influencing the Learners

The key goal of any school whether big or small is to educate their students. Thus the School Management Software you are selecting should be able to ease the learning process for students, improve it and also help them in attaining an adequate level of knowledge. You need to make sure that the software demonstrates the academic performance of the students in a clever manner. You should also assure that the software includes the enhancement and evaluation programs for the teachers as well. You need to also make sure that the software supports test assignments for the students to enhance their learning capacity and lead them towards the path of success. 

Other Beneficial Elements 


It is also very much important for you to check the overall price worthiness of the School Management Software you are selecting. You need to make sure whether it is beneficial for you or not.  You need to make sure that the software you choose has the potential to resolve all the school management issues you are facing or the ones which has a chance of occurring in the near future. It is very much significant for you to select such a School Management Software which is very much beneficial for you. Always make sure to go on the concept of quality and not quantity. Software might have hundreds of fancy features but it might be of no use to you but at the same time software might have only some features but all may be useful to you.

Thus before selecting the most appropriate and cost effective School Management Software for your school it would be advisable to go through the above article. 

Author’s Bio: A graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, a writer by passion as well as profession, love to do anything creative from photo and video editing to writing poems, stories and imaginary scripts for my favorite serials. I have also put my hands into documentary film. Presently I am working for Cyber school Manager as a content writer. 

best hotel management colleges in Kolkata Education MBA in hotel management travel and tourism courses in kolkata

Top 7 exclusive career options with travel and tourism courses in Kolkata

“Exclusive demand for best hotel management colleges in Kolkata, attracting young aspirants to join the industry.”

Globalization escalated the demand for the services rendered by Hotel and Tourism industry. It experienced excessive growth in last few decades. The industry delivers exciting career opportunities for young aspirants. The vast course structure facilitate the students to decide their choice of subject. Every course meet the demand of the global market. It provides challenging job opportunities which every student can enjoy after achieving their degree from renowned hotel management colleges.

Today, students search for best hotel management colleges in Kolkata. It’s a crucial decision to select the field in which you want to explore and build your career. Education and training turn the aspirants to professionals serving the demands of the industry.

You will come across top jobs after completion of MBA in Hotel Management.

  • Hotel Manager:

Hotel Managers administer all facets of running a hotel. You will be responsible for recruiting, training and supervising staff; managing budgets; planning maintenance work; dealing with customers’ complaints; overseeing reservations; promoting and marketing the hotel; and ensuring that the hotel complies with health, safety and disciplinary regulations.

  • Event and Conference Organizer:

Event and Conference Organizer are responsible to perform the finer details of planning an event. They co-ordinate every detail of meetings and conferences, from the speakers and meeting locations to the printed materials and audio-visual equipment, keeping the event under budget. You will need to be able to think and take decisions. If these challenges are of your preference then join the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata.

  • Public Relations Manager

A PR Manager maintains a brand’s reputation, with proper planning and implementation of business strategies to build and enhance the overall brand and reputation. The PR Manger even acts as the company’s spokesperson. The job involves writing and syndicating positive press releases about the brand, arranging events at the hotel like press conferences, exhibitions, open days, and tours and connecting with relevant influencers in the industry. PR Managers also take instant decisions to deal with potential crisis situations. If you’re interested in becoming a PR Manager, then select your subject available with tourism management courses in Kolkata.

  • Executive Chef

The Executive Chef is in charge to handle restaurant’s kitchen, and is responsible for managing the kitchen staff, planning the menu, sourcing the freshest ingredients, and making sure that food hygiene is maintained throughout the restaurant. An Executive Chef analyses spot problems and resolve them with prudent decisions. Thus if you are passionate about cooking for a crowd and meet the challenges what it takes, then this might be the perfect career for you.

  • Leisure Activity Coordinator

Leisure Activity Coordinators mostly work for resorts and hotel chains. They are the people on the ground who make sure that any planned activities run effectively. They are also responsible for the day-to-day management of a leisure infrastructure, organizing health and fitness programs, promoting and marketing the business, and interacting with guests. To become a Leisure Activity Coordinator, you will need to generate excellent interpersonal skills, as you will spend most of your time interacting with guests.

  • Sommelier

A Wine Sommelier is one who is expert in serving wines. Wine Sommelier is a highly trained and knowledgeable wine professional, specializing in all aspects of wine service. You get all the training from best hotel management colleges in Kolkata. Five-star restaurants will often employ a Sommelier with a high salary to develop their wine list and to help customers find a wine within their budget that suits their tastes and complements their food. As a Sommelier you review your inventory, meet with suppliers, and arrange to taste wines. Before the restaurant opens to serve dinner for their guests, you go over the wine list with your staff. Then you handle the floor, meeting the customer’s needs. Thus your passion will drive you to achieve the challenges.

  • Spa Manager

Spa Managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of health and beauty spas. They are responsible to manage the spa’s finances, employees, and services. Most of the tasks are business-related and can include recordkeeping, getting involved in promotional campaigns, maintaining stocks, and payroll management. Spa Managers create weekly work schedules, oversee general spa maintenance, train new employees, and arrange staff workshops on new treatments. Spa Managers have great demand in every Five-Star properties.

Thus apart from above career options you also have the option to be a successful chef, a tour guide, leisure activity coordinator or a sommelier. So be a part of the industry and join the top hotel management school in Kolkata.

Author Bio: Deepanjan has been closely associated with the tourism and hospitality industry and blogging for the career opportunities awaiting for the passed out students from best hotel management colleges in Kolkata.

Education Transformation In The Education System

Digital Boards: A Transformation In The Education System

Interactive digital whiteboards are gradually substituting traditional blackboards in the classrooms all over the world. More tutors have dropped the chalk and started teaching with a mouse and stylus.

Usage of digital technology allows students to become more involved in the learning process. Active learning in classrooms boosts performance and helps in reminiscing information.

“During the announcement of the budget for 2018-19, Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India, stated that the government’s focus would be on improving the quality of education through integrating the usage of digital boards in the classrooms.”

The awareness and accessibility of digital learning are expanding across India by attaining the power of technology. With the help of various initiatives, students are getting access to educational facilities. However, there are still plenty of educational establishments that are yet to embrace the advent of technology. The aim of these initiatives is to cater to the areas with inadequate educational facilities and lack of experienced tutors. The goal is to bridge the gap between education in urban and the rural areas. It also aims to provide equal digital learning opportunities to children from all background.

“The lack of interest in studies is 20.24% out of the school children in rural areas. Digital classrooms with interactive learning can make education interesting and, in turn, motivate students to attend school.”

Let’s take a quick look at various government and non-profit initiatives to extend support for digital classrooms in India:

  • PM Narendra Modi launched a flagship programme in 2014 called ‘Digital India’. It aims to cater to the issues in the education sector and integrate technology.
  • Under ‘Project Shiksha’, a tech giant partnered with schools to develop Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills in government school teachers.
  • ‘Project Saksham’ aims to bridge the gap between educational institutions and digital technology.  It has influenced 71 universities.
  • The government aims to provide free Wi-Fi in all schools by 2019 under a project ‘National Knowledge Network (NKN)’.

Let’s see HOW interactive boards empower teachers and contribute to making education more effective:

  • Digital classes make school learning more relevant and engaging by allowing students to participate in team activities for research work.
  • It enhances soft skills that might aid them during the employment process.
  • Interactive learning provides a high-quality education for students by implementing individualised practice to make students grasp faster and retain the knowledge for a long time.
  • It attracts and prepares students to choose the topic of their interest for studies which will make them feel empowered by the use of high-quality digital tools.
  • Whiteboard helps to provide accountability for results.

The above-mentioned benefits are vital as they provide a high-quality education. Digital learning enables other noteworthy skills like decision-making, critical thinking and communication skills.

Why are whiteboards needed in classrooms?

The incorporation of whiteboards and digital tools in classrooms have brought considerable improvement in the educational frontier. Let’s look at the benefits of involving digital tools in classes:

  • Attentiveness

Interactive sessions require the full involvement of students. Audio-visual presentations and interactive digital sessions make students attentive as compared to the traditional techniques. It triggers creativity and fresh ideas of learning. Interestingly, using electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets enable students to complete the tasks quickly.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement

Students can develop their language skills through interactive learning.  It allows them to learn new words with their meaning. Moreover, they can even determine the correct pronunciation of difficult words through an audio medium.

  • Data Preservation

The connected computer allows the access of information on an interactive whiteboard. It means everything taught on the whiteboard can be recorded directly to a hard drive. This function enables the faculties to recall and reuse the information anytime. In contrast, data on a traditional whiteboard gets lost if not copied.

  • Interactive Learning

Digital tools provide learning through videos, presentations and various audio-visual mediums. It creates a great symphony between the hearing and viewing abilities of the students that simplifies the processing and grasping of information. Subsequently, it makes the classroom teachings more fun, interactive and student-centric. It elevates the metacognitive skills of students.

“The rapid rise in using mobile phones for video-based learning will account for 80% of all traffic in 2019.”

  • Personalisation

Digital learning offers an unprecedented ability to grant educational experiences that are tailor-made for every student. Students can advance in modules while teachers can now keep a note on their individual progress to present solutions for their specific needs.

  • Safety

Digital learning makes it possible for students to conduct experiments virtually that would be too dangerous, expensive, or challenging in a school laboratory.

  • Quick Feedback Mechanism

As digital education is interactive and swift, the learning and understanding take place at the same time. It makes it easy for teachers to give immediate feedback to students to enhance the learning process.

  • Effective Modules

Interactive whiteboards facilitate teachers to organise their lesson plans in a structured method. It allows the teacher to deliver streamlined information. It enables the quick revision of lessons.

  • Individualised Teaching

The grasping competence of every student is different. Some are quick learners while some are slow learners. With the help of interactive sessions, teachers can identify and teach every student as per his/her capacity to learn.

These benefits are sufficed to say that digital classrooms are imperative in revolutionising the education sector. To add to it, let me showcase the impacts of employing digital whiteboards in classrooms:

  • The effectiveness of digital technology and interactive whiteboards have elevated students’ attention and significantly lowered school dropouts.
  • It enables students to learn from other countries by eliminating geographical barriers.
  • Young minds can expand their global exposure and learn foreign languages with ease with the help of video conferencing and webinars.
  • Through online courses, students are free to choose the subject they aim to excel.
  • The scope of learning anytime and from anywhere has led to an entire world of opportunities for students.

To summarise, digital learning opens the door of opportunities for students to learn efficiently. In this modern era, technology has become an integral part of classroom learning and pedagogy. If utilised correctly, the intervention of technology makes learning more interactive and meaningful.

Author Bio:

Dheer Rana is a career counsellor and a motivational speaker. Currently, he is employed as a Marketing Manager at St. Kabir Indian International School, Gujarat. The school ranks among the top CBSE schools in Gujarat.


Science, Commerce or Humanities – What to Select for a Successful Career?

After appearing for class 10th examinations, students have to take a big step of choosing a career which will impact their rest of the life. At this point, many students are completely baffled on what they should pursue.

Endless thoughts race through the inquisitive minds regarding which subjects to choose for further studies. So, it is natural that students will get confused while taking the first step of their career.

Due to the peer pressure, they might end up choosing the wrong stream. However, the decision of opting for a particular stream is a crucial decision and should be made carefully.  

“In 2015, 1.5 million engineers graduated across India. The number was three times than a decade. However, a survey stated that less than 20% of the graduates were considered fit for employment.”

If you are one of those students who is facing a dilemma at this point in their lives, then this information is for you. Keep reading-

As the decision will directly influence your career, a serious thought and a solid research are imperative. I have listed below some tips that will help you in making the right decision:

  • Be realistic – Every student has a different aptitude. If you are weak in subjects like biology, chemistry, and mathematics, science stream is not for you. Likewise, if you are not good in theory, humanities is not the stream for you. Knowing and accepting your strengths and weakness will take you to the right selection. But that is not all!
  • Research about the streams – Identifying your strengths and aptitude is not all. Understand the career paths and opportunities the chosen course will offer you. Gather as much as possible details about the stream, its scope, and the difficulty level.
  • Get counselling – Education counsellors are experts in the task to guide students in selecting the right field. They understand the capabilities and aptitude of the students and make suggestions on the basis of their market knowledge. Students, parents or guardians must get involved in the counselling.
  • Know your interests – Think about your area of interest! Sit down and think about the subjects you are passionate. Consider the subjects that you can study for long hours and do not bore you.
  • Find the career prospectus – Career is the main motive behind education. Therefore, analyse and check out diverse career options that are possible in that field and what will be its demand in the future.
  • Take on-field experience – You can always visit a work-related place of the field to know it’s practical applications. Suppose you aspire to become a lawyer, you can make a visit to a court and interact with professionals of the field. If you find it satisfying, then you can go ahead with selecting the subject.

Before you take the final step, here is a comparison between the three major streams available in India-


Science is a vast subject that provides students with several lucrative career options. The field includes a systematic study of medicine, engineering, and natural phenomena. After studying science, students have the option to pursue their careers in mathematics, computer science, IT electronics, etc.  


Commerce is a stream that will prepare you for careers related to business and trade. Selecting a commerce stream can result in getting a reputed and highest paying jobs such as company secretary and investment banker. This makes commerce stream popular and the most opted subject by students. For reaching such designated jobs, students will have to study subjects like economics, accountancy, income tax, etc.


Humanities is an academic discipline which deals with the study of ‘human conditions’ by employing the methods that are analytical, critical and speculative. Humanities is the most underrated subject and the least opted by students because there are myths prevailing amongst people such as –

  • You opt for arts if you score less or
  • Arts or humanities is for students who are not smart enough for studying science or commerce
  • Humanities is suited only to the weak students

On the contrary, humanities as a subject holds great importance, especially in today’s scenario as it encompasses almost all aspects of human beings and understanding human cognition. It has a wide range of subjects such as history, literature, sociology, psychology, performing arts, anthropology and many more. It is a subject that can open endless career options in front of you and therefore we should rise up pass the existing myths and be non-judgemental in making our selection.

If you have a considerable interest in knowing about human society, ideologies, beliefs, and concepts related to human expression, then you should definitely consider opting for humanities. On selecting humanities, you qualify to join many exciting career opportunities such as journalism, teaching, literature, and so on.

In 2015, out of 36,000 students participated in a survey from 9 cities.

  • 74% of students desired humanities.
  • Shockingly, only 11% opted for biology in science
  • 9% for mathematics in science
  • 6% for commerce.

In some cases, it is also noticed that students realise just after opting for a stream that they have made the wrong decision. What should students do in such a scenario? However, students can switch streams after class 11th but not after that.

Below is a comparison that will simplify your career decision:

Field of InterestFlexibilityHigher studies
Science Natural Phenomena,Numbers,Logical ReasoningCan make a shift to commerce or humanities after 11th.Students can start preparing for professions such as engineering or medicine before 12th standard by appearing in entrance examinations.

Can shift to humanities stream  after Class 11thStudents can start preparing for professions such as CA or CS soon after 12th standard.

Humanities Human theory,Social environmentCreative thinkingHave to stick to humanities and cannot make any shift Students usually have to complete their graduation before starting a professional career such as journalism or psychologist.

Every child is special! Each one of you is born with different capabilities. If each one of you is self-aware, your potential can be utilised in the right direction and lead a successful life.

Author Bio –

The writer is a tutor, educator, and academic writer. He/She is associated with Nalanda International School, Vadodara and has a passion for writing and collecting stamps. Nalanda International School provides best-in-class education to the students with latest facilities.

Education top CBSE schools in Amravati

Top 10 study tips for CBSE schools students

It has often been observed among students of top CBSE schools in Amravati that throughout the academic year they are ve0072y lose with their study schedule.  The sincere students stay updated and firm with their studies throughout the academic year. But, some are like waking up at last month before the final exam. Now, what needed to be done in last moments? Simply, such students like to run through the leftover syllabus, but still they can’t catch the train. And, when it happens with the students those appearing for the board exams, it literally feels like biting nails for them.

During such intense time, students should not blindly keep reading the books non-stop for 14-15 hours aiming to complete the syllabus. It may happen that you may fall sick at the end of the day.

So, here it’s wise start to put efforts on effective studies in small parts taking reasonable breaks in between. The focus should not be on the number of hours, but it should be how much you studied.

The students of CBSE schools in Amravati often follows the following top ten tips to study effectively in such a situation.

Let’s focus on the best ten tips to study effectively in such situation.

  • Divide the chapters in even smaller portion

It will be easier to complete one section of the syllabus when divided in smaller parts. It won’t be beneficial to rush with all the chapters the same time. You cannot memorize any part properly. It’s better to focus on how much part you have completed rather than focusing on how much yet to complete.

  • Study continuously for maximum two hours

Our mind and body both need rest. So don’t stretch your study hours more than two and give a break to yourself. These two hours are again can be divided. After 40-45 minutes of concentrated studies, just stretch yourself for 5 minutes. Have glass of water or juice. That feeds energy to your mind and body both.

  • Give rest to mind

While in the small breaks of 5 minutes in between, let your mind rest completely rather than indulging it into any sort of activity. You can simply close your eyes and rest, or you can have a walk to look outside views. Just give up from your mind any related thoughts to studies or other stress.

This 5 minutes break to your mind is effective in carrying studies further in full flow.

  • Focus on core material

The syllabus can be divided into core and elaborative material. Core materials mean important principles, important diagrams, theorems, formulae, and graphs.

Whereas, elaborative material may consists of examples, illustrations, quotes, etc.

The exam paper mostly covers asking question from the core material. So, when time comes to struggle with an unfinished syllabus, start preparing with core material.

  • Divide the subjects in categories

It can be one of the best tips to categorize the syllabus before starting the study schedule for the day.

Subjects like biology, history, and geography which are completely theoretical subjects. They need to be memorized and mugged up hard. These subjects can be focused during long duration.

Maths and physics are problem solving subjects. These subjects should be given the time when you are actively fresh. This helps you to cover the major portion of the syllabus in short time.

English literature and other literature subjects can be categorized as interpreted based subjects.

Alternate each of the categories in long study period.

The teachers from CBSE schools in Amravati avails this idea to their all the students to help them out for the best board exam preparation.

  • Highlight the important lines

While reading the chapters, there come across many important points. It will be advisable and of much help to highlight such points for the multiple referring and revisions.

Read out all the highlighted points loudly that immensely helps to remember the lines for long. Keep repeating the process till end.

While teaching in the classes of CBSE board schools in Amravati, the teachers always list them the important points and guide the students to highlight it.

  • Note taking strategies

The note making should be important, and it needs to done in correct way. The notes are made for the revisions in short time. SQ5R and Cornell notes are the best ways to make the notes.

SQ5R means Survey, Questions, Read, Record, Recite, Review and Reflect.

Survey means go through the textbooks and mark the important areas. Don’t waste more time.

Make the possible question from the headings and sub-headings of the lessons.

Going through the text and record the marked points in your language. Bullets and boxes made points are easily visible. Recite these points.

Question yourself the same you have already noted and recite and then judge how many you can answer them.

Repeat all the above points. Try reflecting on the points and topics learnt by you till you memorized it completely.

Many CBSE board schools in Amravati dictate and guide their students to follow the above note making strategies.

A CORNELL note is defined as three column configurations of taking notes. It helps in memorizing and recalling information in the easiest way.

  • Using visual clues

You can write the important formulas’, historical dates, and short forms of important information in the colourful chart papers. Paste these chart papers on a freeze, cup-board, almirah, and your bedroom wall.

This will make the study little funny and interesting ways.

  • Revisions within 24 hours

Here again another 3Rs are need to be remembered and followed, recapped, reviewed, and reinforced. All the new information learnt needs to subject to these 3Rs within 24 hours. It helps to remember your hard work done till date.

  • Boost memory with enough sleep

7-8 hours of sleep is essential to retain your memory for long period.


All the above points are the best tips to refer for preparing for exams in short duration.



The Pros and Cons of Online Courses

Out of the many benefits that technology has provided to us one would be the ease and benefit to sit at home. While all the online courses were once considered inferior to the lecture halls nowadays the stigma has totally faded away. Now with the advancement in technology the standard academic curriculum has changed.

Not that the virtual classrooms are of any less importance, but even online colleges have become an accessible option for many. Students can now do anything at the comfort of their homes. Whether young or old students have the choice to pursue their career no matter whenever they feel like. But are there even any benefits to online learning? Or is there something that is missed while taking online classes.

The Pros of Online Learning

Flexible Learning

When you opt for an online course you have a very flexible schedule to do the rest of the daily tasks. Like you can do a job side by side, study and take out time for other activities as well. No matter where your place of stay is located you can study a course for which classes are given in some other place, country, nation. Digital classrooms can be accessed anywhere so that is the best part. You also do not require classroom attendance.

Individualized Learning

Students that take online courses can learn in a way that can benefit them. Online learning helps the students that understand their weaknesses and strengths. This method is helpful for students who are slow learners as they not have to pretend picking up early like others. At their own pace anybody can learn.

Online courses give huge opportunities to people who want to pursue education at an older age

There are students who might have left studies years back and wish to get back to studying they can opt for online education. People who are older in age will feel more confident in attending online courses compared to those who are young. The Central Alabama Community College has 44% students who take online classes. And, a large chunk of the students are above the age of 30.

The Cons of Online Courses


In big organization and companies’ employers look for employees who have got their education from a regular institution and have taken offline classes. Employers generally take it as a drawback, and they do not consider people with offline educational course as competitive people. Because people who have not studied in a physical classroom those people do not have the practical life experiences of solving problems, analyzing real life situations and conditions.

Online Courses are not available for different Subjects

Although there are many options available for pursuing an online course but one that it lacks is the variety of subjects and courses that it has to offer. There is a very limited choice when it comes to choosing the perfect option and making the right choice for your life and a bright future.

Lack of 1 to 1 teaching

The biggest drawback for opting for an offline course is that there is no 1 to 1 teaching in an in any online course. Although the classes are live but still in case of confusion your teachers are not available all the time for 1 to 1 interaction. When there is no direct teaching the students will have to wait for a very long period for response.