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How to Remove or Hide Google Meet from Gmail

How to Remove or Hide Google Meet from Gmail

Go to

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail
how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

Login with Gmail id and password

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail 1
how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail 1

once you login, you can see inbox, sentbox section on the left side

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail 2

After that Google meet option like start a meeting, join a meeting And chat section below

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail
how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail3

If you want to remove or hide Google meet options in Gmail

Than go to setting option

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

Once you click on setting

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

You can see plenty options in menu section

Click on chat and meet section

Now you can see two options : Chat and meet

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

In chat also their are two options, Please don’t disturb them : Chat

In Meet section, you can see two options

1: show the meet section in the main menu

2: Hide the meet section in the main menu

Please select the 2nd option and click on save changes

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

Automatically, it will redirection main section of Gmail and you can see no more Google meet option

how to hide or remove google meet options in Gmail

Thanks for reading my article.

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10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected
Track Android Cell Phone Remotely Without Being Detected

We are living in the modern era; people who can’t even afford good lifestyle own cell phones. Modern technologies are spreading with the speed of light in the world. Smart phone technology has revolutionised the todays word. Sitting on one end of the globe you can connect another person, living in some otter edge of the world. People are doing business using this smart invention, a small Business have many clients from all over the world and the great thing is that all this is happening with the ease of mind and easily.

As the technology advances to the moon, people want to utilize it in the best possible way they can. Android mobile tracking is the buzz word in today’s world. There are several reasons for which people want to spy on others, sometimes the reason behind spying is trust issues, or a parent who is worried about his kids, or you might be a worried boss about your business security. No matter what the reason is, we are going to tell you 10 amazing tips that can help you in tacking someone’s phone without being detected.

Use BlurSPY app:

What can be best then to have an all-in-one spying app that will resolve all your concerns and insecurities? To install spying app is the best, easiest and shoddy in price way for better parenting control or for another purpose.  Since allot of spying apps are present, it will be difficult for you to choose which one is the leading app among them, we made it simple for you by choosing BlurSPY, the only app which is the most reliable and easy to use with beg hasted features.

Live call recordings:

Calls are great means of communication. If you are a parent then you may be worried about your teenage child, to with whom he is contacting. Being an innocent person, he/she can be easily get trapped in any one’s sugar-coated words, so for spying on their calls, BlurSPY Android spy app provides you facility to do;

  • Listen all incoming and outgoing calls live
  • Record these calls and listen it later
  • Interrupt live calls

Track SMS:

Nowadays people talk mostly via SMS. SMS are also known as the silent ways of communication because you don’t need to give some special protocol and also do not need to excuse others just for few minutes’ conversation. To gain access to the SMS means you have a key to others personal life info. You just need a target and blur spy phone surveillance system and then spy now!

Use GPS:

GPS tracking is a well-known feature of blur spy and is very helpful when it comes to tracking an android device remotely. Blur spy GPS tracking provides you the facility to track the current location of the target device through your dashboard.

Use password chaser:

To know his/her password is impossible? Not anymore, BlurSPY has made this impossible thing possible! Yes, you hear right, with an amazing feature of password chasing, now you can easily figure out the password patterns of target device, to track or hack easily.

Use Email Monitor:

Target device’s email account is the key to track it. With BlurSPY devastated feature, you can monitor, and track emails od target device as well. This feature is very helpful for those company owners who are very insecure about their company’s security.

  • Every employee waste 21 hours of his life every week on an average
  • More than 30% of employs confessed that they are leaking their company’s information

You can’t trust anyone or you have suspect on some employ, use this feature of BlurSPY to track their emails.

Track internet browsing:

Internet is a gate to heaven of information, but at the same time it is a gate to hell as well, if you are a parent you definitely want to track your child’s internet browsing history and if are an employer then you should be worried about your employee’s connection with internet.

  • 30%-40% internet browsing by employees is done for personal use.

This problem is known resolved by BlurSPY, now you can track their browsing history as well.

Social Media Hacking:

Every parent wish to have access to their child’s social media accounts to have proper eye on them, this is not a wish anymore, now to you can hack an instagram account password and track your child’s social media account with the help of BlurSPY.

Track Multimedia:

BlurSPY also helps you in tracking multimedia of target devices. Now you can have clear picture of what type of media, videos, and picture your child or employee have in their cell phone.

Use Google Photos:

You can track android phones by using google photos as well. For this you need to have an active Gmail account in the device you wish to track.

combine unallocated space combine unallocated space Windows 10 merge unallocated space merge unallocated space Windows 10 technology

The Best Way to Combine Unallocated Space Windows 10 Free

When you delete a primary partition it will become an unallocated space. If you delete two partitions that are not contiguous and you want to combine unallocated space, what should you do? This post will show you how to combine hard drive space free with a professional partition manager.

Before I show you how to combine hard drive space free Windows 10, let’s take a look at an user’s question at first.

Question: 2 unallocated spaces on my hard disk (they are not contiguous), and now I want to combine them for creating a new large partition. Nevertheless, I have tried Windows 10 disk management but no solution was found. Can anybody suggest me a feasible way to combine hard drive spaces free?

To combine unallocated space, you need to move the partition in the middle to the left or right, so the two unallocated spaces can be adjacent. However, when you open Windows built-in partition tool Disk Management, right-click the partition in the middle, you will find that there is no such a function to move partition, as you can see from the following picture.


Alt=disk management cannot move partition

Some users delete the partition in the middle, then there will become a big unallocated space, which can be used to create a new partition. However, this will lead to data loss.

If there is no important file on the partition that users want to delete or users have backed up the partition, they can combine two unallocated spaces via deleting the middle partition directly in Disk Management. If users want to combine unallocated space without data loss, there is no other way but resort to a third-party manager.

As Disk Management cannot help you combine unallocated space without data loss, what should you do? Nowadays, third-party partition manager can help combine disk partitions together no matter they are logical, primary, or even unallocated space.

More importantly, the whole process will not bring any damage to data if users are lucky enough to find a safe program. Well then, which partitioning tool can help combine hard drive space free and safely? Try using MiniTool Partition Wizard. 

How to Combine Hard Drive Spaces with Third-Party Partition Manager

There are many third-party partition managers on the Internet. However, users must choose a safe and reliable one. Many users may have heard about MiniTool Partition Wizard as it is a well-known partition manager trusted by more than tens of millions of people. With MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, you can merge unallocated space very quickly.

All of these operations can be completed in simple steps. Now let’s see how to combine unallocated space Windows 10 with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Detailed steps will be shown below.

Step 1. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Install it on your computer and launch it to get the main interface.

Step 2. In the main interface select the partition between the 2 unallocated spaces, and choose Move/Resize feature from the left side to get the interface.


Alt=move/resize partition

Step 3. Here, we can drag the whole handle to the left edge or right edge so as to combine                       unallocated space, and then click OK to go back to the main interface.


Alt=move the partition to the right

Step 4. Now you can see 2 unallocated spaces will be combined to a larger one. If users just want to combine them, click Apply to perform changes. If you want to create a new partition with this space, please select it, choose Create Partition from the left side and finally click Apply to apply all changes.


Alt=click Apply

Note: If there are 2 or more partitions between unallocated spaces, you just need to follow the above steps to move partition one by one until desired unallocated space are contiguous.

This is how I combine unallocated space Windows 10, and MiniTool Partition Wizard can also help you combine hard drives with its Merge Partition function. If you want to merge unallocated space Windows 10 or combine hard drives Windows 10, you can try MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition.


After learning how to combine unallocated spaces Windows 10 with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, you can see how simple it is to merge unallocated space with a professional partition manager. Of course there are other partitions managers that you can choose, but be sure to choose a reliable and reputable one.

best travel planner apps technology travel

The 10 Best Travel Planner Apps

Best Travel Planner App
Best Travel Planner App

When planning a trip, getting everything all together can be a bit difficult. Booking the hotel, the flight, and absolutely everything else that you need can be stressful to keep track of. That’s why there are now apps that can assist you to make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip with no worry of forgetting anything.


TripIt is a great app that organizes all of your travel plans. TripIt works by planning your whole itinerary as soon as you book either the hotel, flight, or any other reservation. All that is needed is an email to be sent to them and they’ll work everything out for you.

If you’re looking for a great way to organize things as well, TripIt is great for that and can help you out completely. All of your information can be found in one place on the app, eliminating the need to search through all of your emails for booking information. You’re even able to access this information offline, so if you’re in a different country and don’t have access to your data, it’s no worry at all.

In addition to this, if you upgrade to the pro version of the app you’ll receive other benefits as well. This includes helping you find better seats on flights, sending you real-time flight alerts, letting you know how long lines are, and even providing an interactive map of the terminals in the airport. It’s a great app for people who love traveling but hate planning.


If you’re a traveler looking for an app that can provide you with top quality maps, this is a great app for you. They have pre-made trip guides that helps you get together that inspiration of where you want to go and what you want to do. If you’ve got places in mind already though, you can set them up as waypoints that the app will guide you through.

Roadtrippers has millions of places to visit on their app, ranging from diners and food places all the way to the perfect scenic spots and national parks. This app is a wonderful tool for people trying to discover what’s around them, whether it be an activity to take part in or a hotel to book.

Google Trips

Google Trips works just the same way as TripIt, if not even better. It’s great for organizing all of your information in one place, just like the previous app. You can access it offline too, making it another great app for planning a trip. With this though, Google has improved the planning experience and made it even more enjoyable.

Other services offered by Google Trips include offering you suggestions on places to visit and activities to do based on what’s near you, and even suggestions on food and drink. Google went over the top with this app, and it’s a wonderful app for anyone to use.


Unlike the other apps mentioned so far, PackPoint is an app that helps you to decide on what you need to pack exactly. Depending on the duration of your vacation, the weather, and even if you have access to a washing machine or not, PackPoint helps to narrow down to the necessities.

PackPoint factors in all the clothes that you’ll need to bring based on whether it’ll be hot or cold, rain or shine, and whether it’s a business trip or a vacation. Packing can be difficult, especially when trying to remember everything. PackPoint does a great job at taking that pressure away.


If you’re like anyone else, you want the best deals on the best services. With Kayak, they search the web for the lowest prices on what you’re looking for. You can book anything from the app and all information will be stored in the app so that you can access it at any time.

Organizing all of your information in one place is a feature that quite a few apps have, but most of them don’t search for the lowest offers for you like Kayak does.


Looking to book a flight, but worry about the expensive prices? Hopper predicts the price changes in flights and sends you a notification as soon as prices begin to drop. The app is so great that it can help you save up to a whole 40% off on your flight.

Hopper analyzes up to 15 billion flights a day, helping you to know if you should book your flight now or wait a bit longer to get a lower price.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is probably the best app to keep track of everything that you need to bring with you. From money and debit/credit cards to ID’s and virtually anything else you can think of, this app ensures you’ll never forget to bring anything with you again.

The app features include a checklist that you can mark off every time you pack something that you’ll need. It’s great for keeping track of what you have and what you need.


Skyscanner doesn’t only work as an app to track flights and let you know about the cheapest prices. This app also keeps tracks of hotels and car rentals too, allowing you to compare services to decide which is cheaper and more reliable.

You can book your entire trip on Skyscanner, eliminating the need to travel from site to site to book all of your reservations.

Trip Advisor

One of the biggest and most well-known travel planning apps is Trip Advisor. This app makes everything easy for you by providing travel recommendations and advice from other travelers and people who have visited areas you wish to visit.

Everything you’d want is on Trip Advisor, including restaurant recommendations, available tours, and attractions, and the ability to book the whole trip on the app as well. It’s perfect for finding anything you’re interested in and getting it all taken care of in one place.


Skiplagged is the final app we’ll be taking a look at. Like other apps that track hotels and flights, Skiplagged helps you to get the best deals on everything. From finding great hidden gems in hotels to booking a cheap flight with great seats to get you from where you are to your destination, Skiplagged can get you what you need.

Over to You

The app world is rapidly evolving. There are many travel applications out there which help us take the pain out of travel. Here above are the best travel planner apps which help you travel cheaper and better. It’s up to you now which travel planner apps you use in your trip planning. Share on a comment and suggest the best alternative apps of travel planning in 2019.  If you are thinking about how to start a startup of these kinds of trip planning mobile apps connect with us, we will help you to validate your mobile app idea as we have expertise in mobile apps development for different industry verticals.
BIO:  Twinkle Pithwa is a Content Crafter at Webs Optimization Software Solution, an iPhone app development company.  Being an avid blogger she enjoys sharing her thoughts through words.  When she is not working, she enjoys travel adventures and reading literary masterpieces.  


Importance of Eco-Friendly Solar Battery Chargers

Solar energy has been known to be the most eco-friendly energy form that can be utilized to perform everyday activities efficiently.

Many people all over the world have been able to become conscious regarding the safety of the environment, and they have been looking for the best ways to be able to utilize solar energy,

There exist so many kinds of solar power battery chargers that can easily be found in the market and some of these devices have some exclusive functions. Also, they get to be available in various price ranges.


Best method of being able to operate solar power panel is through the use of the solar power battery charger.

The process of being able to run a solar power panel has become much more comfortable when the solar power battery charger gets to be used.

Advantages of the Solar power battery chargers

  • One of the best benefits of the solar power battery chargers being the fact that they are very portable and therefore they can easily be carried to various places to charge the multiple appliances. The people can be able to decide to take the solar power battery chargers; this is even when they may be going on the vacation or even some kind of the long trip.
  • Need to go on and carry the extra batteries is not going to arise when the solar power battery charger gets to be available. Most of the gadgets as well as appliances can quickly be charged by easily making use of the solar power battery charger.
  • Another advantage of the solar panel is the fact that they can easily be used as many times to charge without necessarily having to pay for extra power. Casings for the batteries have been made by mainly using the light material that is quite tough as well as using the low heat transmittance. They are going to be able to protect the body of the battery from the extreme weather conditions as well as from being taken by the intruders and thieves.
  • It is very much possible to be able to find the solar power battery chargers, and the best thing is that they are in different sizes and varieties.

  • There are quite very many homes where solar power batteries get to be taken for use in the event of power failure. Having them can ensure that all the tasks at home are going to continue without so much hassle despite the power failure. The solar power battery tanks construction can be done too. Battery tanks do consist of many of various batteries that get to be connected by using the wires in the solar energy system. Well, this is a reliable energy system that also is extremely pocket-friendly.
  • Having the power batteries is going to cut down energy use from Grid. We are all aware that the solar power does not operate at night and hence for the people who do not have the solar power batteries installed, they will still need to get connected to National Grid if they do not have enough energy to be able to run home after the dark. It has been able to help in the reduction of reliance on National Grid.
  • There shall be no emissions. The solar power battery relies on the gathering of energy from the sun and then later converting it into electricity or even the hot water for use at home. Making use, it means that you will not be producing any green hoses gas or also contributing to global warming. This way, it can be able to reduce the carbon footprint of the home by 80%.

  • They can last longer, and the best thing is that they do require very minimal maintenance.
  • The manufacturing process for the solar panels is not very perfect, but the fact that they can last so long and do not need so much support is such a good piece of news.
  • The conventional heating methods require the regular replacement as well as maintenance, which can be able to cause lots of environmentally unfriendly waste and also go on to increase the need for more units to be able to make. The solar panels can last for about fifty years hence you should not have to replace them for a very long time.
  • It is a renewable source of energy. The solar power is one way of renewable energy; This does mean that there is so much of it to go around as it is energy source which will not run out. The fossil fuels are such a finite source of energy and one that can damage the planet within case mined as well as distributed.


The most important things that one need to remember is that the solar panels are an effective and efficient way of being able to produce energy for the home which is clean and will be able to reduce the carbon footprint.

Author Bio:

Sunil Rathi

Director- sales & marketing 
WAAREE Energies Ltd

Mr. Sunil Rathi is an assiduous, inquisitively power electronics engineer with an exceptional Sales and Marketing knowledge backed by a degree of MBA. He has a robust record of expertise acquired over 24 years in Solar Panel Manufacturers and Power Electronics Industry. His proven strategic vision facilitated in firmly establishment of the brand and himself as a stalwart in the solar industry.


Top Four Reasons for Installing a Language Lab Software in an Educational Institution


With the advancement in different spheres of the professional world, almost all educational institutions are insisting on installing a language lab software. Here’s why these multimedia classes are beneficial for students right from a formative age.

The growth of information resources and the simultaneous expansion of technological prowess in India have gradually worked its way to a flourishing international entry and consecutive competitiveness around the world. This advanced level of improvement requires, or rather demands refining our skill sets to make us more complete and fit for the professional world. Thus, it does not matter if a candidate is only proficient in his or her field, but in order to meet global standards, also has to improve their communication in the English language. To accomplish international level tasks, this has nowadays become a must in candidates who wish to soar higher in their careers. With the interlinking connections being built all over the world, it is only natural that a language like English has developed into a ‘mediator’ or the link between different countries. Hence, its acquisition has turned out to be almost a prerequisite.

Instilling good communication skills in English in the students and professionals of our country is thus, not only a wise decision but a necessary one. However, since it is not our native language, it does come with a few hurdles for those who have not been brought up in an environment where English was frequently utilized. To correct this, educational institutions today all over the country have taken to novel initiatives of teaching the language in a much more interactive, effective and faster way. The multimedia language lab software which facilitates this is one of the most essential and upcoming strategies to this. Here are some of the many benefits that it offers:

  • Increased Interaction:

Multimedia classes in schools or colleges contain a number of channels for interaction. What this essentially means is that the student and teacher will be able to use ways of unconventional classroom communication like video chat, voice chat, etc. which are far more effective and interesting than traditional methods. This not only increases the concentration of students but significantly increases the teacher-student interaction in class which is needed for proper understanding and comprehension of a coursework.

  • Separate Language Course Materials:

These multimedia language labs are specially curated to individually handle different aspects of a language including pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary and much more which ultimately makes the student get a better hold of the language. It also takes care to relieve the students from using any influences of their mother tongue while speaking or writing in English.

  • Better Retention:

Because the system is so very interactive, it also helps the students to retain what they watch for a longer period. Instead of being a passive listener, the pupil can watch the lessons visually as well as listen to it at the same time. Even if the students miss a class or lesson, there is an opportunity to catch up by watching the recorded lessons and presentations already installed in the system software. This is useful to the teachers and students alike for keeping a consistent record of what goes on in the class on a regular basis.

  • Quality Digital Libraries:

The standards of the system software is made to be of extremely good quality material. Hence, even if there is an absence or shortage of good quality faculty in the institution, these labs can easily compensate for that factor. Additionally, along with the digital libraries, one can also make use of the live broadcasting feature that allows experts to hold interactive sessions with the class.

With the coming in of multimedia language laboratories, the educational and professional world of India seems to be going through a sea-change. This promises to bring in fruitful results in the future by allowing people to reach a level of advancement hitherto unknown.

Author Bio: Frequently writing on the benefits of modern methods of learning, here is Karun Talwar on why multimedia classes, installed with a proper language lab software has become an absolute must in any educational institution or professional institute in India.

Solar Mistakes technology

6 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Going Solar

With rising energy prices and solar panels being installed more and more on homes or business, the amount being paid as electricity bills is also decreasing substantially.

People make certain mistakes in the path to going solar hoping to make a perfect solar makeover of their homes. There are people who fall victims to false promises, to solar panel installation companies that cut corners and disappear as fast as they arrive, and deals that guarantee to be ‘cheap’ but end up being too far to true. Luckily, these pitfalls can be easily avoided.

Here are the most common mistakes that I have found people committing and trust me, these mistakes are easily avoidable.

1. Avoid thinking that a cheap system will perform as well as a premium solution

The proliferation of solar panels across India has acted as a catalyst for thought that all solar companies are the same and that the smart choice is to just go with the cheapest system you can get.

However, the truth is, if you agree to a quote from a solar panel installation company just by considering that it is the cheapest among certain options, then you can get into big problems later on.

These are the same systems that come with little to no after-sales support.

Cheap solar systems are often more expensive in the long run than paying more in the first place for a premium system from a premium provider.

People opting for cheap solar panels get the following things:

  • low quality or poorly installed panels
  • faulty inverters
  • a system that doesn’t deliver on its promises
  • a terrible or no after-sales customer service or support

A premium solution is no doubt a bigger investment at the start, it will pay dividends in form of great energy savings, long-term performance and ongoing after-sales support.

2. Thinking ‘one size fits all’

Just like a suit or a pair of shoes, this solar system has enough to fit you and your energy needs perfectly.

A person’s solar energy solution should be sized carefully

  • according to your current energy usage
  • keeping into consideration the days and times that they most commonly use energy
  • their expectations and goals for reducing their energy bills or their reliance on the grid, and their plans for the future

The consultant that you speak should be able to listen to these demands and also quickly and easily explain how they have taken your future plans into consideration in their recommendation.

If you meet a salesperson who meets a ‘one size fits all’ approach, hang up the phone immediately and try another company – that’s the best they deserve!

3. Confusing daylight hours with sun hours:

  • A sun hour is a specific unit of measurement that is used in solar to define the period of time in a day that a person is going to get the most from their solar panel.
  • So, even if the sun rises at 6 am and sets at 5 pm but you get 6 sun hours in the middle of that day where the solar panel is working anywhere close to maximum capacity.
  • However, this does not mean that the solar panel works for only 5 hours.
  • It means that in order to get the most out of the panels, a person must install it in such a way that they maximize the sun hours.

4. Not reading or understanding the warranty conditions

  • One must carefully read any warranty conditions and make sure they completely understand their entitlements before signing up for a new solar energy solution.
  • A solar panel performance warranty is to preserve the panel’s performance. This kind of warranty is usually provided by solar panel installation companies.
  • The solar panel materials and workmanship warranty are provided to cover defective materials or workmanship in the manufacture of the panel itself. Generally, these warranties are between five and ten years.
  • The most important warranty is an inverter warranty.
  • An inverter is the piece of equipment that converts solar energy into electricity ready for use, and it constantly works all day at very high voltages.
  • Inverters come with a manufacturer’s warranty of five years for standard inverters and up to 10 years for premium inverters.
  • It’s important to completely understand what you’re entitled to and what the solar panel installation companies’ or manufacturer’s duties are.
  • Consider checking how the company is planning to assist with any warranty claims, and also ensure if they will handle disputes with manufacturers on your behalf.

5. Failing to future-proof your system

  • When someone makes a big investment like the solar system, one must always make sure that they’ve considered any future needs or wants.
  • Most solar energy systems can be easily connected to battery storage systems, but there are still some things one needs to consider before making the final decision.
  • In case someone is planning on adding a battery now or later, they may need to add some more solar panels to make sure that they can generate energy for the evenings and the day needs.
  • In this case, a query must be raised if the company can explain how the solar system might need to change or be expanded when the need for a new battery arrives.

6. Buying before defining your load

This is a common mistake made by many who consider going solar.

Hence, avoiding to buy a solar inverter system before knowing the load profile is highly recommended.

  • Conducting an inexpensive energy audit provides an accurate load profile data for any home.
  • I have noticed people who avoid this are most likely to oversize their system or undersize the system which will finally lead to them losing money either ways.

If you are planning to go solar then I would suggest you to rather spend two weeks figuring out everything about the system than spend 20 years regretting buying the wrong solar panel, even though it seemed like a good idea earlier.

Author’s Bio: Jay Mehta is a goal-oriented energy management specialist at MI Solar with immense experience in sustainable energy development through renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart metering. MI Solar holds the leading position among the top solar companies in India. They offer the best rooftop solar power solutions & renewable energy services and carry 45 years of trust, commissioning solar power solutions countrywide.

online school management app School Management Software technology

Can the involvement of parents in their child’s education prove to be helpful?

Multiple studies have shown how the involvement of parents in studies can positively impact the child’s education.  Researchers have also proved that the family’s social and financial status may not prove to be as significant as parents’ involvement in school when it comes to academic achievements.

Out of all the available studies, the most noteworthy work came from a not-for-profit group, American Institutes for Research (AIR). After studying several children and their family’s involvement in studies, researchers pointed out that kids love their school, they don’t mind staying longer for studies, and tend to do better when their family members are also involved in education.  Children who received their parents’ support showed better grades, higher self-esteem, high homework completion rates, and the best school attendance percentage as well.

Helps parents to understand their child’s needs

For parents, nothing can be as precious as knowing that their little boy or girl excels in education. By involving in kid’s educational life, parents remain more sensitive towards the child’s intellectual and emotional needs.

They also feel more confident about their parenting abilities due to their awareness about the child’s classroom life, including the curriculum and teacher’s role as well. The same factor helps a mother or a father to ensure the kid completes the homework responsibilities allotted by the teacher. This also helps them to remain more active and well-informed while participating in the school’s policy-making meetings.

Beneficial for teachers and administrators well

In this era of credit-crunch, high-stress jobs, parents might find it difficult to allot time for their kid’s educational concerns. Most of them even prefer to leave it to the tutor. However, maximizing the child’s achievements is possible only when they devote time, and communicate with the teachers every week.

For first time parents, educational institutions offer specialized training programmes to train parents in handling a child’s education at home. Life becomes easy for everyone when teachers, school administrators, and parents come together and work as a team. The mutual respect factor remains intact. Due to better communication between the three, a higher quality of education can be offered.

The child’s classroom behavior remains better along with the academic performance, and overall attitude. Even doing something as basic as reading together can help in motivating and improving the child’s reading ability. All that they need is a few hours every week from either their mother or father.

These days, several schools urge parents to download the school’s app on their phone. Smartphone applications make parent involvement in school affairs extremely easy.  From sending notifications about the kid’s homework, assignment grades, syllabus, kid’s classroom behavior, reminders for paying fees, daily attendance, to details about upcoming holidays, schools prefer keeping parents in the loop about everything possible.

Apps are beneficial for parents as well. Thanks to the online school management app, parents can even keep track of the child’s school bus arrival and departure time or track it on the GPS map.

Harshal Jani is a Content Writer who helps Educational Industries build an audience and get more paying clients online.

Before starting a writing business, Harshal spent two years as a social media expert for IT company in the ahmedabad, After a successful career helping IT Companies, He helps them write marketing copy for their products and services.

Harshal enjoys trying new sports (swimming, anyone?) and managing a small property rental business.

Harshal is available for marketing and writing projects, as well as private consultations. You can reach Harshal at