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Major Role Played by the Chiropractor After a Car Accident


Choosing a car as a mode of conveyance is convenient and the most popular option as it saves a
lot of time and energy. It is a blessing for the elderly and patients of severe diseases to drive for
medical appointments and trips nearby whilst also taking care of their medical needs and comfort.
Although being a popular means of transport, driving a car could prove harmful to health.
Accidents result in great trauma and tragic injuries. Moreover, the number of car accidents is
increasing at an enormous rate. On average, there are 6 million accidents occurring every year in
the U.S alone.

No one wants to be a victim of a car accident. An accident is a tragic incident as it results in
expenses, injuries and even death.

Unfortunately, if you have undergone such a disaster in your life, you might have experienced
extreme distress and painful impact of the event.

Fortunately, there’s a natural and effective solution to heal your body and get back to your healthy
self through chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic treatment is a type of alternative medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of
neuromuscular disorders through manual adjustments and manipulation of the spine.
Chiropractic therapies are used to treat conditions such as pain in the back, neck, shoulder,
headache and so on. Besides, these therapies also play an important role in boosting functionality
and improving the overall health of patients.

Before we proceed, it is essentially important to know what are a few common situations that
arise after a car accident and how a chiropractic treatment is effective to heal the injury

Why Chiropractic treatment?

A car crash can result in different severe situations. Here are a few of them-

Sudden front and back body movement during the accident impel the tendons and muscles
of the body to extend beyond their normal range of motion. It is a common car injury
referred to as Whiplash. If not treated on time, whiplash causes chronic pain or numbness
in the neck, back, or shoulders.

 Severe back pain accompanied by neck pain is a common injury after a car accident and
severely damages the spine. The spine can be fractured or get dislocated as a result of the

accident. Moreover, the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and even the entire spinal cord can
get damaged. Back injuries, also sometimes affect the gall bladder and bowel movement.

 In a few cases, injuries may not be visible immediately after the accident but swelling and
inflammation can increase over a period and cause additional damage.

 Often people experience headaches due to high-stress and trauma occurring during the
event. A person may suffer from dizziness, blurred vision or anxiety after a car crash.
The good news is chiropractic treatment can relieve pain from any part of the body through
hands-on spinal manipulations and other alternative treatments. The aim behind chiropractic
treatment is the proper alignment of the body, especially the spine to help the body to heal itself
naturally without the help of surgery.

A chiropractor can come of great help to treat severe conditions in a non-invasive way and
without the involvement of any drugs and you might be wondering how?

Keep reading to uncover,

Role of a Chiropractor in treating injuries

Primarily being a pain relief treatment for muscles, joints, and tissues, chiropractic care is
considered as a safe an effective treatment. A variety of diseases are cured through pressure
release techniques and gentle spine manipulations under chiropractic treatment.

A Chiropractor follows a holistic approach that is drug-free and does not result in any side effect.
Hence, a chiropractor plays an important part to cure an injury permanently in the following 5

1. Chiropractic treatment to cure hidden injuries

Certain conditions like broken bones and bruising are apparent and easy to spot. But, internal
conditions such as whiplash are not evident immediately after an accident. It may take a few hours
or even a few days to discover dizziness, soreness, and headaches or upper back and neck pain. A
chiropractor has a major role to identify such injuries as early as possible to avoid long-term pain.
Providing immediate cure to the patients will heal them before the pain becomes unbearable.

2. Chiropractic as a non-invasive treatment

It is obvious that car accidents demands for immediate treatment and surgery are the prime
option for a fast recovery. The main responsibility of a chiropractor is to apply therapeutic
procedures to realign the spine and joints, significantly reduce pain, promote healing and
resultantly eliminate the need for surgery. A chiropractor saves patients from costly and
dangerous invasive procedures.

3. Chiropractic treatment to reduce inflammation

Inflammation that occurs from severe back or neck injury can further worsen the situation.
Moreover, micro tears in muscles or ligaments commonly occur after an accident and are the main
reasons that people experience severe pain. However, a simple X-Ray cannot capture such micro


A chiropractor can only diagnose and treat micro tears through spine manipulations. These
techniques will help the body to release anti-inflammatory substances which will assist the body
to heal acute pain and improve injury conditions.

4. Chiropractic care as a drug-free treatment

Often, people turn to painkillers as soon as they experience any pain or soreness. Pain medication
is addictive and gives temporary relief from pain but have a deteriorating long term effect.
Painkillers not only hide the actual problem but also delay the healing process.

Chiropractic care is an effective pain management treatment without the need for addictive pain
medications which can be implemented only by a chiropractic practitioner. Atlas orthogonal
chiropractic, a specialized form of chiropractic treatment can only be practiced by an expert. The
technique follows a safe and painless spinal correction which also restores body balance and
increases the natural healing abilities of the body.

5. Chiropractic treatment to eliminate chronic pain

Minor or acute injuries can convert into serious clinical conditions if not treated soon after the
accident. Failure or delay in seeing a specialist for such conditions can further worsen the pain and
take years to heal. If consulted shortly after the accident, a chiropractor can diagnose and treat
the injury before it becomes a larger problem. A chiropractor can help you to avoid long term and
chronic pain. With the help of gentle pressures and light exercises, a chiropractor helps to restore
the range of motion, mobilize the spine and recover at a faster rate.

To sum up,
Chiropractors play a significant role in the treatment of a car injury as their ability to treat patients
is unparalleled. Most accidents result in injuries such as whiplash, damage of soft tissues,
musculoskeletal, cervical, thoracic and lumbar strains and sprains. So, chiropractic treatment in
Jacksonville is the most sought


Chiropractor After a Car Accident