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Perfect Packaging Solution for Chocolates

Food products are perishable in nature and therefore require exceptional packaging standards in order to
remain fresh and consumable. What’s important to note is that food packaging is extremely important
when it comes to minimizing wastage, preserving quality, and reducing the amount of additional
preservatives. Apart from that, packaging is probably the first line of defense for the concerned food
products which efficiently offers protection against physical and even chemical damages. Although the
role of packaging in regards to specific food products deserves a special mention, it is the chocolate
packaging design and material that have intrigued us for quite some time now.

In addition to offering protection against foreign entities and chemical adulteration, chocolate packaging
also plays a pivotal role in product branding; thereby creating a stronger and an expansive brand image
for the concerned organization. However, in the subsequent sections, we shall primarily talk about the
importance of packaging in regards to chocolates, repercussions of inefficient and incorrect packaging
standards, and everything else about selecting the best Packaging solution for chocolate bars and related


More about Chocolate Packaging

Before moving any further into this discussion regarding packaging of chocolate bars, it is important to
take a note of the fact that a majority of organizations use packaging standards for rendering
distinctiveness to the concerned products. Now when we have covered the branding aspect of the

chocolate bars, it is important to delve into the logistical point of view. Firstly, chocolates are highly
sensitive to heat and right packaging is absolutely necessary for them to maintain consumable quality.
Primary packaging of chocolates, therefore, bring forth extremely thin aluminum foils which are wrapped
using thin films of paper. The secondary packaging concerns the outer packet, something that’s precisely
used for branding purposes. In case the packaging isn’t correctly executed, the chocolate bar remains
extremely vulnerable to foreign entities, particulate matter, worms, and even chemical changes. In case
the products are exported, inefficient packaging might also result in product tampering and melting.

This is where DCGpac comes to the rescue of different chocolate manufacturers by offering them
strategic and on-point packaging solutions for chocolates.

Types of Chocolate Packaging: Materials used by Select Vendors

There are certain vendors like DCGpac that use flexible packaging designs and materials for certain
chocolate manufacturers. However, it is important to take a closer look at the types of chocolate
packaging design and materials for extrapolating the selection process. A chocolate manufacturer must
ask relevant questions to the packaging firm regarding the chocolate packaging design and materials.
For a chocolate manufacturer looking for clearer film finish i.e. something like a bag that is slightly
transparent, LLDPE and even PET packaging options are suggested. These include stand-up chocolate
pouches using Linear Low Density Polyethylene. In addition to that, for companies asking for opaque
finishing in regards to chocolate packaging design, Mylar or even metallized films are preferred.
However, certain versions of LLDPE are also expected to work just fine.

Metrics that Determine the Packaging of Chocolate Bars

Every chocolate product is unique and therefore it’s only appropriate to make room for customized
packaging solutions. Firstly, the size of a chocolate bar is important to take a note of. Other factors which
might impact the packaging choices include chocolate formulation and branding considerations. There are
certain companies which look for all-transparent packaging whereas there are some which prefer opaque
ones. As mentioned previously, the personal considerations and choices do determine the chocolate
packaging material and even the designs.

Transparent packages are mostly asked by companies which render special sizes and shapes to their
products. They prefer showing off the products to the clientele; thereby positively manipulating them into
making purchases. In regards to market dynamics, package transparency helps build long-lasting
relationships between clients and the organizations.

However, even opaque packages are slowly growing on the clients as a majority of firms that include
opaque packaging prefer blocking out UV rays and adding custom graphics to the secondary packaging.
The primary packaging of chocolates, however, is mostly similar, regardless of the secondary packaging.

Popular Chocolate Packaging Designs: How the Magic Happens?

Chocolate manufacturers across the globe have been working with exceptional packaging designs in order
to reach out to an extended customer base. Some of the more popular ones include the design created for

Leonidas Chocolate, featuring a glossy pouch, wax trend, and design patterns using fruit-specific
representations and fading hues.

Another example has to be the ‘Ach’, a well-known vegan chocolate manufacturer that relies specifically
on holiday spirit and conveying winter as the central theme for getting the packaging theme designed. The
materials used include graphical elements, typographical entities, and even golden foils.
DCGpac is one packaging firm that’s capable of matching international standards, in regards to ideas,
design quality, and process culmination.


For a company dealing in chocolates, bars and candies alike, it is necessary to select a packaging supplier
after asking a host of questions and evaluating the sample packets. While the types of chocolate
packaging material and options might vary, companies are better off by selecting DCGpac as their go to
packaging firm, especially when it comes to offering top-notch design selections and material choices.


Author Bio:

Shalu Jain, senior sales executive at DCGpac, is known for her industry knowledge and experience in
overcoming complex challenges with innovative solutions. In her free time, Shalu prefers to read books,
listen to music and explore new places.


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