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Top 6 Classified Submission Sites From All Around The Globe

Classified sites are platforms where brands and companies are given the opportunities to publish their sites and create backlinks for their services and products. It's a free and potential way to promote a business. When people over the internet are looking for authenticity to lay their trust in a service, the submission sites bring a progressive opportunity for business to buckle up their game and get recognized. 


Companies post ads on various sites and enjoy outbound benefits. If you navigate to these websites, you will find a list of different products. Brands do not waste the chance to get the highest quality backlinks as it increases their rankings and online visibility as well.


Moreover, the classified websites are not just to promote to a business but it provides the platform to buyers and seller to establish interactions and discus the products. Customers can communicate with sellers just after viewing their products, so indirectly it generates sales and potential leads as well.


The Technique to Post Your Classified Ad 


Much like the way brands perform top app store optimization, in the classified websites, you have to follow a certain procedure to post your ads or else you will be a lost sheep. Learn about the potential techniques to get your brand noticed by potential customers. 


  • Go for local sites to post your sites. For instance, if your brand belongs to the US you must stick to your region-specific sites. 
  • Select the right category for your ad
  • Complete your product profile and keep it updated 
  • Compose interesting title or tagline for your ad while indexing the appropriate keyword
  • Add your business website link if possible in the ad 
  • Do monitor the performance of your ad and review it before it expires.

Top Classified Submission Sites For Businesses




Craigslist was originally a San Francisco electronic newsletter, which has turned into a platform for brands belonging to over 450 countries. It is the prominent network to build credible backlinks as it functions as a leading classified commission site. It facilitates brands to publish ads related to various niches and industries. You can post about IT industry, products related to digital marketing and even classified about a rental. Craigslist is by far the best platform and you get close to seeking potential buyer's attention as well.


ClassifiedAd, a free platform to facilitate users for posting ads related to multiple niches is known for its vast online reach. You can post anything whether its about real estate or marketing. You do not have to pay for any subscription or registration charges. Create an appealing and attractive ad for free and start interacting with your customers. It is absolutely free of cost and has no hidden policies. You can browse the listings and easily get in touch with your prospective customers.


Moreover, the platform monitors and manages listings keeping the domain secure from any malicious activities. Your business profile and product information are completely saved and secure. You will gather the highest quality listings and will be able to make better progress in a short duration.




Hoobly is considered as a hub for sellers. You can find almost every kind of product from smallest to biggest, cheapest to the most expensive one. The ads vary in terms of niches. You can even post ads about your pet store or a giant high tech application. There is a huge diversity seen at the platform and it helps in bringing brands to the surface. Similarly, as sellers are in huge number, you will surely come across most potential buyers as well. The platform facilitates users at both the ends.




Locanto is a leading online classifieds platform. The site is used and visited in more than sixty countries around the globe. The company is known for its exceptional services and for the opportunities, it provides to brands and companies. It serves users in different industries including real estate, jobs, personal, rental services and many other fields.




After scoring a prominent position as a reputable online store, eBay stepped ahead to provide a renowned channel to users for posting classified ads. It offered a premium classified submission platform to businesses around the globe. Among the many industries, eBay caters some of them include:

  • Websites & Businesses
  • Business & Industrial
  • Construction
  • General Office
  • Travel
  • Funeral & Cemetery
  • eBay User Tools

To create the classified ad you have to simply follow the shortest procedure. You do not have to get yourself stuck in any jargons. Login to the eBay account and enter your details. Once you are through of creating an account you have to head towards the advanced listing form to enter the details and information about the product you can to create the listing for. You have to enter the proper description and all the relevant information to bring it to the top. Attach images of your product as well to grab the viewer's attention. Check the region you are targeting and enter the selling price and hit publish.


Oodle, Inc 



Oodle, Inc is a leading marketplace that was founded in 2004. It is one of the largest classified ads submission websites. It is known for generating the strongest customers and nurtures great leads. The website forms a potential platform to increase online visibility and to garner the attention of prospective customers.


Wrapping Up


If you want to succeed in the competitive digital marketplace, you need to have proper skills and a vision to make use of every platform and technique. Getting on the classified ad submission site is a clever move. You present your services and products more professionally and competitively. Right at the same platform, your customers can observe the difference between how you market a product and the way others are doing. These sites will pave way for you to take a leap to enhanced success while securing a recognizable position in the online world. So, check the review and pick the best sites for your products. 



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