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How Much Does Magento Website Development Cost?

Are you looking for developing a Magento store? Do you want to know the cost of Magento
website development? There can be no black and white answer to the above question. The cost
of Magento website development depends on a lot of factors. Magento is a leading ecommerce
platform that is used for building small and large online stores. It offers great flexibility to the
users and website owners. If you are wondering about how much would Magento website
development cost, this is the right post for you. This article will help you understand the cost of
Magento store development.

What makes Magento popular among website owners?

Magento has a lot of features that are loved by its users. Even developers love this CMS as it is
easy to develop feature-rich website using Magento. Being a secure platform, it is an attractive
option for online store development. Magento websites offer great efficiency to the users. It is
an ideal choice of startups, small/medium, and large sized businesses. High quality websites are
created with this platform at affordable costs. Some of the Magento key features are:

Flexible shopping cart system
Multi-store management

Endless customizations
Catalog management tools
Powerful SEO & marketing
Huge variety of extensions
Active community of experts

So, how much does Magento website development?

There are several aspects one needs to consider to determine the cost of Magento store
development. If you need an estimate for website development, it may not be a simple task.
You can still get a rough idea about the cost of developing an online store with Magento.

Magento 2 Website Design cost

Usually, buying a Magento 2 theme can be a good option rather than hiring web designers.
Though you may get limited options with the ready to install themes, it is considered to be a
cost effective option for developing a Magento store.

There are several themes available on Magento 2 theme marketplace. The themes are available
for free or can range upto $200. If you want to customize the themes, you may have to hire
professional designers and it may cost from $ 1000 to $ 2000.

If you have a huge budget and want to build a theme from the scratch, you may have to pay a
hefty price. The cost of custom Magento theme designing from scratch can be around $ 8000 to
$ 10,000.

Choose the right edition

Magento offers free and paid editions for website development. Based on your business
requirements, you can select the right Magento edition. The platform offers Magento Open
source edition for free while Magento Commerce edition requires a license. The cost of Mageto
Commerce edition would be around $ 22,000 as it offers fully operational features and
functionalities. Paid version of Magento is suitable for large businesses while startups and small
businesses can opt for a free edition.

Costs for Magento 2 Extensions

Though Magento (Community and Enterprise editions) are feature-rich, Magento 2 extensions
may be required to add a few additional features to your online store. There are many free and
paid Magento 2 extensions available. You can hire the best Magento 2 developers to help you
with the best suitable extensions.



You would need to pay for hosting your website on servers. The cost of the hosting can range
anywhere between $ 10 and $ 250 per month. If you choose Magento Commerce Cloud
version, you would not have to pay extra money for the hosting as the hosting costs are
included in the license itself.

Cost for Web Development

There are two options to develop your Magento website. Either you can hire a freelancer or a
web development agency for building your online store. A lot of business owners get tempted
to hire freelance Magento developers for their project as it helps them save a lot of money. The
developers may charge $ 7 to $ 20 per hour depending on their skills and expertise. However, it
is a good and safe option to hire a reputed web development agency that has a team of
experienced certified Magento developers working with them. High quality Magento website
may cost you anywhere between $ 5,000 and $250,000. Make sure that you get the maximum
value for the money you spend for website development.

Website support and maintenance

Your job isn’t over once your website is launched. That’s just half the battle won. You would
need to invest money for Magento support and maintenance also. It may include regular
upgrades, designing refreshing, or updating security patches. Most of the reliable and reputed
agencies offer annual packages for maintenance and support.

Digital marketing

You would need digital marketing solutions once your website is live. Keep some budget aside
for SEO and online marketing solutions also. You may have to spend $ 100 to $ 5000 for digital
marketing solutions depending on your exact business requirements and goals.

Wrap Up

There’s no doubt that Magento 2 is a very flexible CMS platform that can be used even by a
layman to make the changes via backend. Once you have made up your mind for Magento
development, you should do some research over the internet and try to find the best Magento
development agency. Spend your time and efforts to talk to a few reputed companies to get

the maximum value for the money you spend. It is important to get cost effective Magento
development services matching your exact business requirements and objectives.


You may want to build a website from the scratch or migrate your existing site to Magento. No
matter what your business requirements may be, hiring the best Magento developers means
half of the job is done. The experts would choose the best themes, and install the right
extensions to create an awesome website to match your objectives. Make sure that you get the
best return on investment (ROI) by choosing the best agency for Magento web development


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