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7 Mistakes that are Slowly Damaging your Hair

Your locks are your most precious possession and you would never want to see any harm
happening to them. From morning to bedtime, your fingers keep on taking a stroll through your
shiny silky hairs. Not only this, you also take enough care of your hair with weekly oil massage,
occasional hair spa, and many other home remedies. But remember taking care of your hair is
like taming a beast which would tolerate no mistakes. So, if you find your hair losing the luster
and getting weak and damaged, then might be you are ignoring a few daily mistakes that are
adversely affecting the health of your hair.

Here we are listing a few everyday mistakes that should not happen to your hair.

1. Shower with hot water
Using hot water is quite helpful in getting rid of the oil in the hair and allowing shampoo to do
some deep cleaning. However, more heat can strip your hair letting it go dry and frizzy. Always
try to use lukewarm water for shampooing your hair. It will help close the cuticles making your
hair look smoother and shinier.

2. Hot air blows and heat styling
There are many ways we heat our hair and it is not always about taking a shower with hot water.
In order to curl your hair or style it in different ways, if you are using hair straighteners then you
might be doing a mistake. Also, drying your hair with a hot air blower is not at all good for your
hair. It strips off all the moisturizes from your hair making it frizzy, dry, and brittle. Split ends
are also a common outcome of dry blowing of the hair. Try to minimize the use of straighteners
and use only high-quality products.

3. Washing the hair too often

Our hair needs a wash to get rid of the particles and dust that sticks to it. However, the
frequency of shampooing your hair should depend on the exposure of your hair to outside
environment. If you are going out too frequently and facing high pollution daily, then you might
need to shampoo your hair thrice a week. Otherwise, it is always good to wash your hair once in
5 days or twice a week. Too much hair wash can make them dry and deprived of the natural oils
that are secreted in the scalp. It is body’s natural way of moisturizing the hair and we should not
wash it off frequently.

4. Too many hair care products

Thinking too much of your hair might make you buy too many hair care products from different
brands. A little care at home and a good diet are enough to give you a healthy mane. So, try not
to experiment with different products like serum, hair masks, oils, shampoos, conditioners and
all. You definitely need some of them, but try to use most of the home-made herbal products.
Even if you are buying from outside, try to stick to a brand that suits you. Frequently changing
the products can make your hair fragile and brittle instead of doing any good.

5.Wrong way of managing the hair

In a hurry, never try to comb the wet hair. Also, avoid brushing hair with thin and compact
combs. They might damage the hair and break them in the middle. Also, making your hair too
tight can put pressure on your scalp and the roots of the hair. So, go for loose ponies or braids
whenever you need to tie them. Do not comb the hair in a haphazard way and show some
patience even when you are in a hurry. Also, using some good conditioner can help in its easy

6. Touching up the roots

If you color your hair with any permanent or semi-permanent dye then its frequent use might
affect your scalp. Touching the roots of the hair lead to the deposit of colorant molecules in the
hair cuticle. It can damage your existing hair as well as the new growing hair on the scalp. Try to
reduce the frequency of hair coloring or use some natural colorant.   


7. You have a poor diet

Above all the topical treatments you give to your hair, what you eat is of paramount importance
in the quality of hair you have. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, iron,
Calcium, Vitamin D etc can lead to hair fall or poor hair growth. You should have a balanced diet
which not only benefits your hair but also other body parts.

If you feel that you are taking enough care of your hair including topical and dietary elements,
still you have much hair fall or hair damage, then you should talk to a trichologist. He/she would
be able to look into the issue considering all other aspects of your health to do the best for the
health of your hair. Search, find and consult a trichologist online from the comfort of your
home and get the right advice for healthy hairs.


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