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Must Read: How to Begin Career as Data Analyst?

In the era of information and technology, the demand of the Data Analyst is very high in the job
market. Data is the crucial part of every organization and organizations needs a professional
person to handle their confidential data. Data analyst do this work for them, they keep their
data up-to-date and keep it confidential.

They play an important role in any organization and there is a huge scope for the candidates
who are looking to make their career in this job profile. A person who works in this field handles
several responsibilities as well as performs statistical analysis of the data. They can work in both
IT sector as well as in Management/Banking sector.


These days the demand of the candidates for Data analyst jobs profile is so high, and the
supply of the people who can truly do this job well is less. So, choosing a career in this field will
definitely offer you huge scope and several other benefits.

Before entering into this field, first understand the basic education requirement:

You need a bachelor degree in computer science or information management related field to
take a first step towards this successful career path. To climb the career ladder or to get a
higher post, you will probably be required to earn a master’s degree in a similar field.
With the specific education requirement, candidates must have good technical knowledge in
SQL databases and database querying language and good knowledge of few programming
languages. With the technical skills good business analytics skills such as problem-solving,

effective communication skill, industry knowledge, creative thinking act as a plus point and
helps you in landing your dream job.


Role and responsibilities of data analyst people:

These people work with their team members to ensure that data is clear and up-to-date. They
handle several responsibilities such as:

 These people work with the IT or management teams, to determine the organizational
 They perform the activities of data mining
 Clean and prune data to discard irrelevant information
 Analyze the data suing standard statistical tools and techniques
 Provide concise data reports and clear data visualizations for management
 Design, create and maintain relational databases and data systems
 Solve code problems and data-related issues


Career and job prospects:

In today’s world, the need for the professional candidates to handle the flood of unstructured
data is rapidly increasing. Job prospects for both the fresher and experienced candidates is so
high, candidates can acquire different positions such as Market Research Analysts, Quantitative
Analysts, Operations Analysts etc. and all can be found under its shade. By getting few years of
experience one can apply for the post of Sr. analyst or specialist in any organization.

Salary structure:


The Salary of Data analysts depends on various factors such as job location, organization,
position, experience, educational background etc. job responsibilities. An entry-level junior data
analyst with basic technical and business analytical skills can make a great deal by earning Rs. 4
lakh to 5 lakh according to Payscale.


To make a successful and bright career in this field, data analyst, you need to have a
passion for number, and the ability to extract useful insights from processed data. Also,
the skill to accurately present these insights in visual form will be beneficial for your
career. These skills cannot be learned overnight. With patience, hard work, and the right
guidance, anything is possible. And yes, it all begins with a plan.

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