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What is an Escape Room?

What is an Escape Room?


If you're wondering what an Escape room is, don't worry, we are here to help! An Escape room is a single, or multiple rooms joined together. As the name suggests, the person or team have to escape the room (or rooms) within a stipulated time. Participants shall be locked in the room. The participants are usually expected to escape the room within an hour to become the winner. They'll have to escape the room using clues.  They could be under a rug, behind a mirror, between the pages of a book, inside a lamp, etc. There may be an old lock you'll have to jimmy open. There may even be a hidden room you'll have to discover. Anywhere you look at a place of potential clues, and your team must find them! The group locked inside the Escape room has to find these clues and use them to advance until they are free.

But you'll have to hurry! Escape rooms in the USA come with a time limit of 60 minutes.


Why an Escape Room?


Imagine being locked in a bunker, and the fate of the world depends on you and your friends! Escape rooms give an adrenaline rush. They require a lot of patience, teamwork, creativity, and speed. A bit of smartness will surely help!

There are many Escape Rooms in the USA that are a good pick for family vacations. Apart from going as a group of friends, you can go with your family too! Not just this, Escape Rooms have become very popular in the corporate world as well. They are great for team-building activities.

Escape rooms are magnificent and beautifully created according to the theme.  It offers a memorable experience to share with your colleagues or loved ones, as you all work together to crack codes, identify clues, and escape the room. It will bring and your loved ones closer.

Escaping isn't the only important part. Storytelling is an integral part of a good Escape Room. Escape Rooms in the USA are known for the story they weave. The plot of the room is what drives people to pick their favourite. There is a multitude of options when it comes to scenarios and themes. You can choose to be a double agent, an investigating team after a serial killer, a group trying to find Sherlock, escaping a bunker, thwarting plans of world destruction, and many more.

One of the best Escape Rooms in the USA is the Fox in a Box, in which you are part of a special military team. You, along with your team, are sent to a bunker to detect the codes to stop a nuclear missile launch. You are the only hope for the world in the face of imminent destruction, and you only have 60 minutes!


Have you got goosebumps?


Well, this is precisely what an Escape Room in the USA offers.


How to do an Escape Room?


Each Escape Room in the USA comes with a unique mission that you have to complete. You get to pick the adventure you want to experience. There will be multiple choices when it comes to tasks and themes. There are different levels of Escape Rooms as well. You can choose a level you think will be challenging for you, but not so hard that you don't succeed. Maybe you're a thief trying to steal an antique artwork, or you're a prisoner trying to escape? You'll never find a shortage of themes as escape rooms in the USA are present in abundance.

Escape Rooms are made immersive by using a lot of advanced technology. They enhance the gaming experience and teleports the player to the theme that they have chosen.


Once you begin the game, you're introduced to your room by a guide. This guide shall be with you throughout the game and will help you whenever required. In case of an emergency, you can count on the guide to let you out.

The guide's task is to introduce you to the room and explain your purpose. After that, you usually get a video explaining the mission to you and hinting you to the first clue. As soon as the video ends, the clock starts ticking.

Now you only have 60 minutes to escape! Intelligence and speed are put to the test in the escape rooms in the USA.
The game guide shall keep a tab on you throughout the game. Sometimes there are extra clues that only the game guide can give. Rest of the time, the game attendant shall be within reach at all times.


Are you truly locked?


The answer to this infamous questions is both yes and no.
You will be locked inside the room, but you're allowed to step out whenever you want. You can choose to stay till the end or leave midway. A lot of people make an effort to complete the game and solve the puzzle. But some aren't able to crack the Escape Room in an hour. Either way, they are sure to have fun and are let out in the end.

Those who don't crack it the first time usually come again to finish the game.


Today there are approximately five thousand Escape Rooms worldwide.

Most of these Escape Rooms in the USA and are recommended by Trip Advisor under Top Escape Rooms to visit. You'll even find Escape Rooms in places like Thailand, Korea, and England.

There'll be a difference when it comes to the quality of the room, how immersive it is, and how gripping the plot is.


Bottom line

Escape Rooms began as a simulation of interactive video games, where the player can interact with the environment to change a situation and move forward in the game. This principle led to the birth of Escape Rooms and look where we are today!
There are so many reviews that say the same thing- Escape Rooms are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. They are truly exhilarating. You shouldn't even take our word for it. Try an Escape Room in the USA today!



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