Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

Everything You Need to Know About Online Rummy Cash Games

It’s the era of online gaming in India and online rummy covers a wide space in the internet of games. The traditional flavours of the game have been revamped by online gaming portals for rummy players of this generation by introducing various cash rummy games with new features and exciting rummy game rules to work in the favour of players who are looking to reap great returns from their skills.

Let’s talk about these brand new features of online rummy and learn some new amazing tricks to be on the winning side of the game. 

Brand New Features of Online Rummy

Online rummy has revived the age old love for rummy by introducing fresh features and offerings to tweak the excitement of online rummy cash players. The card game consists of some standard features that are run and featured by leading online rummy portals of the day. Let’s check them out so that you may claim your stakes in this exciting rummy revolution. 

Although different variations of rummy have evolved over time, the most widely featured variant of the game in most online rummy portals is 13 Card Indian Rummy. 

Here’s the rummy game rules for this variant. 

13 Card Online Rummy Rules

  • This variant is commonly played between 2-6 players with a deck of 52 cards
  • All players are dealt 13 cards each in a clockwise manner
  • Players need to use these cards smartly to make valid combination of sets and sequences
  • Joker is used as a wild card to replace any missing card in a combination
  • The action begins with a player picking one card from the closed deck and discarding an unwanted one from his set of cards to replace the one he/she picks
  • The action continues in a clockwise manner and the player who manages to make valid combinations and declares his cards first among all becomes the winner
  • One of the essential rummy game rules is that all players must form one pure sequence to make a valid declaration

These are the basic rummy game rules in 13 card Indian rummy one needs to know to make an error free start in the game. 

However, like most games, 13 card online rummy is also based on a points system that’s derived from the cards themselves. Check it out.

Points System in Online Rummy

The objective in 13 card rummy is to score 0 points to become the winner. Any point scored by any player gets added to the tally as penalty points. In cash rummy games, they are replicated in terms of the amount you win or lose.

  • Interestingly, all cards in 13 card Indian Rummy carry value according to the number of the cards
  • This means cards from 1-10 carry 1-10 points respectively.
  • Suited cards like Joker, Queen, King and Ace are the costliest and each carry 10 points
  • Bonus cards and printed jokers carry zero points
  • Players can gain a maximum penalty of 80 points per game in online rummy

How to Win in Online Rummy Every Time? 

Rummy cash games have become competitive more than ever as gaming portals have raised the ante by introducing a whole new tie up of tourneys and rewards. Some leading portals also feature Loyalty Rewards program to offer a premium gaming experience to its players. When so much is at stake, it almost pushes you to learn how to win at rummy every time you hit the felts.

  1. Online rummy games are featuring new and exciting variants such as Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy so that players can enjoy variation from time to time. Before diving into cash rummy games or registering for a big tournament, players must try these different variants and figure out which type works best for them.
  2. When you play rummy cash games, make it a rule of thumb to discard suited cards first unless you have a combination with them right from the start. Remember, these cards carry maximum points that will cost you real money and also become the deciding factor in game results!
  3. Play as many practice games of online rummy before diving into rummy cash games. Watch your opponents during the game, learn how to trick them and get the cards you need from them. Working out a full proof strategy on practice games before playing major cash games or tournaments will guarantee big wins in the long run. 

RummyBaazi: An Excellent Choice for Rummy Cash Game Players

Regular players who are looking to cash in BIG with their unbeatable skills in online cash games of rummy, RummyBaazi is a fitting portal to go for currently. It is hosting numerous online rummy cash games and mega tournaments with monster prize pools and exciting leaderboard rewards for top finishers for the month of March. The portal also features a Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards that includes a treasure chest of stunning prizes that include the likes of OnePlus 7T, iPhone 11 Pro, Vivo Smartphone, JBL Bluetooth speakers and real cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

Rummy lovers looking for exciting opportunities on how to win in rummy every time, the portal is running Happy Hours on the RB app to offer boosted opportunities to earn some of those coveted rewards this month. For more details on its current promotions, you may check the RummyBaazi official website here.

Wrapping UpBrand new game inventions, stellar nationwide competition, amazing promotions and ravishing rewards makes playing online cash games of rummy in this century totally worth it. Just stick to the rules you learnt today and you are absolutely good to go!

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