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benefits offered by GPS tracking

What are the benefits offered by GPS tracking besides helping kids to catch the school

Due to some unfortunate incidents that India witnessed during the last five years, transport
departments in several states have made school bus GPS tracking mandatory. There are
multiple benefits of using such a tracking system.

Child’s safety

Every school’s transport department handles the most significant responsibility by
transporting kids back and forth to school. However, at times, the staff in the bus and school
management may not be able to call or text parents in case if the bus gets delayed due to
traffic on the route. This is where the GPS tracking application can come in handy. The bus
attendant can send notifications about the delay, and even parents can check the real-time
status of the bus in the map. Such safety measure offers peace of mind to both, parents and
school management.

As the app for school can be used for notifying the bus’s arrival time to the parents, they
can ensure children spend minimum time at the stop waiting for the bus. During winter,
instead of shivering out in the cold at the bus stop, kids can remain in their house and
proceed towards the bus halting point only when it’s at a short distance from the same.

Parents of kids below the age of ten suggest the ability to keep a track about the arrival and
departure of their kid’s school bus eliminates the anxiety around the child’s journey to the
school. The school bus tracking app like myedu can offer peace of mind to every parent.
GPS tracking can also help school administrators when it comes to better time management
by creating the most active schedules.

Regulating the movement of vehicles

Besides strengthening the safety for children, such apps offer a lot of benefits to school
authorities managing the bus fleet. It can help in better regulating the movement of school

Tracking devices automatically send notifications to the fleet managers when the driver is
indulged in unsafe, reckless driving or takes a different route.

Most importantly, costly breakdowns and downtime can be reduced by keeping track of the
daily number of kilometers traveled and scheduling maintenance accordingly. Schools, as
well as bus fleet owners who have implemented such systems, suggest the GPS tracking
devices also helped them to improve maintenance practices and cut down on fuel

Even speeding, unnecessary idling, hard braking, and driving practices can be tracked with
advanced tools. It can play a very significant role in improving the passenger safety aspect.

Student organizations, educationalists, and parents have been urging schools from time and
again to implement GPS tracking for ensuring the safety of kids. Most of the schools
immediately appointed female attendants for every school bus carrying girls after CBSE’s
notification. But vehicles still lack GPS tracking devices.

There is no point in waiting until every state makes it mandatory. If your educational
institution wishes to use technology for getting the best out of the school’s available
resources, you should consider contacting MyEdu for school erp demo.


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benefits offered by GPS tracking