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A Brief History of Fantasy Cricket in India

Fantasy Cricket
Fantasy Cricket

In comparison to other countries, fantasy sport is relatively a new subject in India. Before we go and take a dive in the history of fantasy cricket in the motherland, let’s take a brief look on the origin of fantasy sport and what exactly is this phenomenon.

The Birth of Fantasy Sport

The first instance of selecting a fantasy sport team was observed shortly after the 2nd world war in the United States of America. It was in the later part of the 1950s and the sport in question was Golf. The rules at the time were pretty simple, each player selected a team of professional golfers and the person with the lowest combined total of strokes at the end of the tournament would win. Golf as a sport, is easier to keep tabs and to manage. However, it never took off as a regular hobby or something that you would consider as a full-fledged business.

The Rise of Fantasy Sports

In 1960, Harvard university sociologist, William Gamson started a Baseball fantasy seminar in Boston. Where his colleagues would form rosters (or made teams) that earned points on the basis of the performances of the players. Gameson took this idea to the University of Michigan where some of the professors played the game and later on the idea took off in the other parts of the country.

Then in 1962, an Oakland based businessman Wilfred Winkenbach started the first reported Fantasy Football league. Winkenbach was also credited with starting fantasy golf but it did not take off as he expected.

In the 1980’s University of Michigan Alumni Daniel Okrent invented the Rotisserie League Baseball, which is the best known form of baseball fantasy. Daniel was also a writer and editor for various books and magazines in his lifetime and through his writings the game of fantasy baseball was able to spread throughout the country. By 1988 there were thousands of baseball and football leagues in the United States.

Role of the Internet Era

The rise of the internet culture has revolutionized the way industries work. Similarly, fantasy sport has taken an overall jump through the world but not without its ups and downs. A lot of fantasy sports sites have been emerging since 1995. One of the first fantasy sports websites was for Hockey. The Canadian brewing Company started an advertising campaign called “I am Canadian’ and Included the fantasy sports as one of the attractions on their website which included movies, music and other variants of entertainment. Similarly websites like yahoo, cbs sports, sportline and others started offering their own fantasy sport leagues. 

By 2012 the craziness of the fantasy sports world had spread across the globe and interestingly enough 2012 was the year when online fantasy sports entered our own motherland, India.

Welcome to India!

Formed in 2008, Dream11 was the first online website that allowed users to experience fantasy cricket in its full form. Although they started their operations in 2012 only, Dream11 really did change the world of fantasy sports in India. Before Dream11, fantasy sport was an unknown phenomenon in India.

Soon after the introduction of fantasy sports in India, cricket connoisseurs accepted the format with wide and open arms and loved making teams. As time passed the format grew and was made beneficial for the users who were interested in it. In 2018, it was reported that a total of 45 million+ users are active on Dream11.

After Dream11, a lot of copycats arrived in the fantasy sport space but ended their stint very soon. Dream11 was considered to be the best fantasy sports app until BalleBaazi arrived.

Enter BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi came to the picture in 2018, since then BalleBaazi has been able to accumulate 3 million+ users. Slowly but steadily BalleBaazi is moving to the top of the pyramid. With BalleBaazi, cricket enthusiasts can enter a league for just 1 rupee and make 100 times more than that. Right now, BalleBaazi allows users to make a team in Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football and Fantasy Kabaddi variants. BalleBaazi is endorsed by India’s favourite child, none other than Mr. Yuvraj Singh himself. From time to time, Yuvraj Singh also takes part in the team formation protocol, where he discusses his fantasy leagues of choice and his favourite players along with some much needed tips & tricks for fantasy cricket.

The Future of Fantasy Sports

With a name like BalleBaazi in the mix, the future of fantasy sports seems fairly bright. With their user first approach, BalleBaazi has always pushed the envelope further and further. 

If you want to dabble in the world of fantasy sports then BalleBaazi is the best way to do it. You can win free tickets from the weekly contests. You can use BalleBaazi Codes and get up to 100% Bonus. BalleBaazi has been chosen the best fantasy sports app in India by the 3 million plus user base that they have and this user base is growing rapidly. If you should do it, then do it with BalleBaazi.

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