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How to Pick the Best Dhow Cruise in Dubai

How to Pick the Best Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dubai is a charming playground in itself for globe trotters. Wanderlusts, adventurers, and holidaymakers flock to Dubai for extravagant travel experiences. While there is so much to see and do in Dubai, there is this one particular attraction that visitors of all genres and ages can enjoy and cherish. Dhow Cruise in Dubai is one of the must-do attractions of Dubai. Read on to know more about this fantastic cruise experience in Dubai.

What is a Dhow Cruise?

Dubai was once a sleepy village by the Persian Gulf that carried out its life with pearl trading and fishing. The major mode of transport for carrying goods and merchandise to other countries was done on a wooden ship known as ‘Dhow’. Today, as the city found itself pioneering in futuristic aspects, Dhows became extinct as the prominent mode of water transport. However, Dubai loves its deep-rooted culture and has hence transformed these traditional wooden water vessels into floating restaurants hence preserving a slice of its bygone era. These Dhow Cruises have over the years become a famous cruise attraction on Dubai’s waters for visitors to enjoy the harbour sights, city views amid good food and great entertainment.

Where can you enjoy Dhow Cruises in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise Dubai experiences can be enjoyed at two hotspots in Dubai - Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. Both these places offer a distinctive experience in cruising and city view sightseeings. Dubai Creek gives you an insight into Dubai’s old-world charm whereas Dubai Marina presents the sophisticated flair of new-age Dubai.  Whichever Dubai cruise experience you choose, you will not be disappointed by the experience.  

How to select the best Dhow Cruise Experience in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise Dubai has become so popular that it feels incomplete to end a Dubai tour without doing a Dhow Cruise experience. Also, this frenzy has led to an assortment of dhow cruise tours that will leave you spoiled for choice. So should you feel overwhelmed by which dhow cruise experience to choose for your Dubai holiday, take into consideration these following points: 

Sights and Views

One of the main highlights of the Dhow Cruise in Dubai is the magnificent panoramas of the city it offers. Meandering down the canal or creek, you come across iconic landmarks, bustling ports, and architectural marvels. Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina offer starkly contrasting scenic views to its guests. If you want a hint of history on your Dhow Cruise experience, opt for Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek experience.  Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise will give you a glimpse of Old Dubai panoramas located on the harbours of Bur Dubai and Deira. These include The Spice and Gold Souks, Al Bastakiya District, Heritage Village to name a few. Dubai Marina, on the other hand, is an epitome of a futuristic city and offers a glitzy setting flanked by soaring, shimmering skyscrapers of contemporary style. Some of the highlights of Dubai Marina's views are Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Marina Mall, Twisted Towers, Address Hotel, Al Fattan Towers and more.

Ambiance and Quality

Dhow Cruise Dubai and Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise both are spectacular ways to experience the grandeur of Dubai. However, Dhow Cruise Marina is one step above than Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise as it offers a scintillating ambience in fairly less crowded settings. Also, the quality of service is way better than Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise. But that does not mean that you cannot have a comfortable cruising session in Dubai Creek. The only downside is that for you might have to splurge more for an opulent service. Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek tends to be more crowded and you might find several dhows sailing at one time. With the Dubai Marina cruise, there isn’t much traffic on the canal and you can enjoy unperturbed vistas of the city skyline.


There are myriads of options for one to choose a Dhow Cruise experience in Dubai. The price range varies as per the experience you want. A quintessential cruising experience will cost within AED 100. However, the cost increases if you want additional conveniences and services such as luxury settings, air-conditioned decks, and lavish dinners. The expensive ones offer facilities such as pick up and drop off services, welcome refreshments, and free-flowing beverages.

Types of Dhow Cruise Experiences in Dubai


- Dhow Cruise with Sightseeings  - This is a typical dhow cruise experience which is a 2-hour journey along Dubai’s scenic harbour and lets you enjoy breathtaking sceneries of Dubai city’s iconic structures.

- Dhow Cruise with Dinner - Enjoy welcome drinks and a scrumptious buffet dinner onboard a 2-hour Dubai dhow cruise tour along with some mild traditional entertainment.

- Premium Dhow Cruise experiences - The opulent way to enjoy a dhow cruise, premium experiences offer luxury settings and hospitality such as red carpet welcome with Arabian coffee and dates, 5-star international fine dining buffet menu, air-conditioned decks, unlimited beverages and traditional folklore such as Tanoura Dance, Youwla Dance, and Arabic music.

Best Time for a Dubai Dhow Cruise Experience.
A Dhow Cruise is best experienced on a breezy evening of winter months in Dubai. Being an outdoor recreational experience, Dhow Cruise in Dubai can become a bit uncomfortable during the summer months. The evenings too are sultry during the months of April till August. November to March is the best time for the Dhow Cruise tour in Dubai. The evenings in November, December, and January, in particular, are brilliant to watch as the city dazzles and shimmers in vibrant illuminations and festive flair.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a perfect blend of cultural heritage, culinary treats, and outstanding city vistas. It is a serene experience that takes you away from the bustling city yet offers the best sights in Dubai. With good food, stunning vistas and great company, just a couple of hours sailing on Dubai waters turns into one of the most memorable moments for you on your Dubai holiday.


How to Pick the Best Dhow Cruise in Dubai