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5 Strategies to Locate the Good Job Opportunity in Malaysia

In such a competitive job market, it is too difficult for the seekers to land a job in any big
reputed firm. These days, the expectation of the employers are too high, they want to hire the
candidate who are best fit for their organization. They need to analyze so many things before
hiring a candidate. They receive more than 100 applications to per job daily from different
resources. So, it is very difficult for them to decide who the best fit is. To reduce the
employer’s difficulties or to catch their attention job seekers need to become more active, and
creative. Effective job search requires careful thought, proper research, and strategy.


Consider these five steps to maximize your job search:


1. Grow your network: It is necessary to showcase your skills first to land a job
successfully. Nowadays, social networking platform are not only a way to communicate
with your friends and family. But these mediums also provide a way to find a new job


Networking can go a long way in locating job opportunities; various online tools also
exist, such as LinkedIn, which allow you to network with other professionals and learn
about possible job openings. You can also meet with the other professionals
through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.


2. Use Job boards & Career websites: Job portals offers the new vacancies every day and
offer employment opportunities. Candidates can use these job search sites to search for
the jobs in Malaysia. Regularly update your resume on some popular job search sites
and get regular job alerts.


3. Attend job fairs: Job fairs are typically targeted toward specific industries; you can also
attend those job fairs to know about a specific industry. Search for any companies that
interest you, prepare a well-drafted resume and be ready to sell yourself. Some
organizations may even offer on-site interviews to candidates that match their
requirements, so attending job-fairs is a better option.


4. Join Internship: Sometimes temporary employment can lead a permanent position. At
entry level, it is better to join any company for internship. Search for the companies
which offer internship in your matching profile and join early. In internship program you
can easily learn about working environment, working culture and can get a chance to
learn from experts.

Common Mistakes that you need to avoid:
o Take rejection personally
o Search in the same place as others 
o Fail to deliver a clear message
o Apply for every job you come across
o Only reading the job title
o Quickly taking what you can get


These are few methods that can help you in landing best job opportunity.


Finding a better job opportunity requires a combination of different tactics and methods. Use
all the creative strategies to find out about any new job opening. Also, be active and creative to
catch the attention of recruiters. Along with all these, also start your preparation for the
interview to crack it in first attempt.


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