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Mobile App Explainer Video-The Definitive Guide 2019

Video marketing in the latest trend in 2019 and you sure don’t want to miss this trend. So, read this
article and learn how can Mobile App Explainer Video can help you in explaining your application to

What is a Mobile App Explainer Video?

The increased usage of Smartphone has witnessed a rise in the demand for creating mobile applications.
Many mobile apps are released on a daily bases but only a few mobile apps get the recognization. Have
you ever thought why some apps get the first place in preferences, while other apps get in oblivion.
Well, it will be a good marketing strategy which always makes a difference. Though you have created an
intriguing app if you fail to promote it wisely, your app will be a disaster and will not get any public
attention. Therefore it becomes necessary for developing a mobile app explainer video. Here is an

<video> "Example of Mobile App Explainer Video

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What are the characteristics of Mobile App explainer video

1.If you believe that there is a need to make long explainer video than you might want to reconsider
your decision. The main reason is the user won’t spend more than a minute or two in watching the
video. So the challenge is to make your user understand your app within one minute.
If you are requesting to install your app then you need to make your explainer video which is to the
point, having amazing visuals with the appeal. If you are good at conveying your customer you can see
the download increased within a couple of minutes.

2. Animated Videos have become the trend Nowadays
Animated videos have been increasing because of its look and feel and the way it conveys the messages
to the target audience. Another study has found out that 40% of the user will download the mobile app
if they found the video interesting. It is a sure thing that this will boost the developers.

3. One of the main features of a this is that video can convey your message making it more powerful and
can get you maximum ROI. It can give you good returns and helps to spread the message within a short

<image> Benefits of Mobile App Explainer Video </image>

Benefits of Explainer video


1. It’s the correct way to inform your targeted customers about your mobile app. Rather than
writing long notes, just make a video and explain them in a creative way.
2. Mobile App Video has the potential to go viral on social media platform thus increasing brand
3. Video marketing is the latest trend and people loved to see a video and visual content rather
than reading a long description.
4. Through your interactive video, you can easily highlight your call to action in an effective way.
5. Through Video, you can hit two birds with one stone you can pitch your app and also an
interactive video to explain it.
Now let’s Conclude
The Mobile App Explainer video is a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal. There is no denying
that it will promote your mobile application in a very creative way and also will reach far more
audiences. However, you need to have good video content and a great story so that user will be amused
and will surely buy or download your app.
So now you came to know that Mobile App video can help you in creating a good storytelling video. It
will all depend on the message you convey and what kind of “Call to Action” you generate from your
audience. You can check our Mobile App Explainer Video Playlist on Youtube. If you are still looking for a
mobile app explainer video company in India and want any support in planning or creating a Mobile App
explainer video, contact us on


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