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Can the involvement of parents in their child’s education prove to be helpful?

Can the involvement of parents in their child’s education prove to be helpful?
Multiple studies have shown how the involvement of parents in studies can positively
impact the child’s education. Researchers have also proved that the family’s social and
financial status may not prove to be as significant as parents’ involvement in school when it
comes to academic achievements.

Out of all the available studies, the most noteworthy work came from a not-for-profit group,
American Institutes for Research (AIR). After studying several children and their family’s
involvement in studies, researchers pointed out that kids love their school, they don’t mind
staying longer for studies, and tend to do better when their family members are also
involved in education. Children who received their parents' support showed better grades,
higher self-esteem, high homework completion rates, and the best school attendance
percentage as well.

Helps parents to understand their child’s needs

For parents, nothing can be as precious as knowing that their little boy or girl excels in
education. By involving in kid’s educational life, parents remain more sensitive towards the
child’s intellectual and emotional needs.

They also feel more confident about their parenting abilities due to their awareness about
the child’s classroom life, including the curriculum and teacher’s role as well. The same
factor helps a mother or a father to ensure the kid completes the homework responsibilities
allotted by the teacher. This also helps them to remain more active and well-informed while
participating in the school’s policy-making meetings.

Beneficial for teachers and administrators well

In this era of credit-crunch, high-stress jobs, parents might find it difficult to allot time for
their kid’s educational concerns. Most of them even prefer to leave it to the tutor. However,
maximizing the child’s achievements is possible only when they devote time, and
communicate with the teachers every week.

For first time parents, educational institutions offer specialized training programmers to train
parents in handling a child’s education at home. Life becomes easy for everyone when
teachers, school administrators, and parents come together and work as a team. The mutual
respect factor remains intact. Due to better communication between the three, a higher
quality of education can be offered.

The child’s classroom behavior remains better along with the academic performance, and
overall attitude. Even doing something as basic as reading together can help in motivating
and improving the child’s reading ability. All that they need is a few hours every week from
either their mother or father.

These days, several schools urge parents to download the school’s app on their phone.
Smartphone applications make parent involvement in school affairs extremely easy. From

sending notifications about the kid’s homework, assignment grades, syllabus, kid's
classroom behavior, reminders for paying fees, daily attendance, to details about upcoming
holidays, schools prefer keeping parents in the loop about everything possible.

Apps are beneficial for parents as well. Thanks to the online school management app,
parents can even keep track of the child's school bus arrival and departure time or track it
on the GPS map.


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