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Real Fantasy Cricket: Your Expressway to Earning Real Money

Fantasy cricket is a core reality of live cricket where the rate of investment and return from a fantasy player’s end is rising and thriving each passing day. This New Year, the ongoing streak of consecutive wins by the Men in Blue against the big guns has kept Indian fans on their toes and hungry for more such spectacles.

If you have deprived yourself from this amazing treats and winnings of your home team, join the action before it’s too late by signing up for a fantasy cricket portal right away. The stakes have never been higher and with the T20 World Cup just months away, it’s time you know your players up close and form your invincible squad to add some worthy winnings to your tally through fantasy cricket.

Let’s roll over the concept of real fantasy cricket today and how can it serve your passion for cricket through real money. 

Real Fantasy Cricket: Transform Knowledge into Real Money

Fantasy cricket games are the closest deal to live cricket where ardent fans of the sport express their passion with their expert knowledge on the game. The cherry on the cake here is the amazing variety of rewards and cash prizes that fantasy players receive through their near to perfect predictions (sometimes intuition!) when creating their solid teams.

If you are new to fantasy cricket, you better join the celebration soon because India is hitting home runs on every series this New Year and cricket fans are equally thriving with their own teams in the fantasy cricket realm. The question here is, “What is the best way to go about it?”

  • Contest Games or Practice Leagues

The best way to get acquainted with fantasy cricket is to start playing contest matches and leagues to gain working knowledge of fantasy cricket before you put in any money.

Practice games and free contests help you grasp not just what works and what doesn’t in fantasy cricket but it also lends sufficient insight on the fantasy points system, tournament structure and importance of team selection that ultimately helps you figure out how to max the most out of your experience. 

  • Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls are perhaps the best variant for new players to taste both sides of the glory. The win and the rewards! These are tournaments where you need not deposit any money but you still get to win free rewards solely based on your skillset. No diggity, just go for it. 

  • Cash Leagues and Tournament series

These are the real piece de resistance of fantasy cricket for which the whole sports planet is going bonkers for. The basic idea here is to pay an entry fee that varies according to the tournament level. So, players need to note the buy in fees as well as the rewards at stake and pick their game accordingly. Usually, regular fantasy cricket players have the eyes on the big win during any major fantasy cricket series offered by the portal in question. 

Choosing the kind of games in this order should create a minimum risk zone during the birth of your fantasy sports voyage and also offer an ideal learning curve for new gamers. 

How to simplify your Fantasy Cricket websites search

Usually players capsulize their search for fantasy cricket websites based on rewards and cash prizes and of course, the kind of tournaments. However, if you just note down a certain set of specifics, you will be in a better position to make an intelligent choice that can ensure a holistic experience in the long run. 

Here, take a look at these key must haves in a fantasy cricket app to help you explore your personal best.

  • The fantasy sports app must be 100% safe and legal 
  • It should exercise fair play at all times to reward players of all measures
  • The app should ideally include different game formats and a wide variety of leagues for dynamic experience
  • Players must have the choice to play free games as well as tournaments as per their convenience
  • Leaderboard rewards in free games to incentivize new players to level up their game
  • Safe and secure online transactions
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals for uninterrupted fantasy cricket gaming
  • Customer support to address any gap or issue during your fantasy sports experience
  • Seamless UI to support breakneck gaming 
  • Regular promotions, welcome bonus and booster codes to boost your run

These are the must haves in a fantasy cricket app that shall ensure a positive experience for players during any stage of their fantasy cricket journey from all angles. In fact, we have a great portal in mind that shall seal an amazing run for any player no matter the gaming mode you are currently at.

BalleBaazi: A Fantasy Cricket App that Ticks (h3)

It is called BalleBaazi (BB), a relatively new fantasy cricket app and recent launch of the ruling poker giants, Baazi Games that completed 2 years of operations in January 2020. The portal offers three popular fantasy sports of the day- fantasy cricket, fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi. The best part is that players can enjoy the widest variety of practice, cash leagues and tournaments series throughout the year and play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

The portal easily ticks all the above pointers and is well known for its constant line of innovative offerings in fantasy cricket. You can now also enjoy some awesome Freeroll tournaments worth 10K in the BB app starting this February. Talk about variety, BalleBaazi has further included Women’s cricket series in its ring to spike the interest of the better half of the community. 

Wondering what the rewards are like?

Rewards in BalleBaazi are a world of their own. Level up your performance and you can grab rewards that include the likes of huge real cash prize, LED Smart TVs, flagship smartphones, latest gadgets and even the coolest four wheelers. 

Final Takeaway

Fantasy cricket is the ultimate platform to get close to your favorite sports stars and flaunt your expertise on the game any given day. The rewards on the winning end make this experience legit and tangible every time you command a team of your own. So, now that you have all the info you need to blast the fantasy cricket realm, simply pick a match of your choice and get gaming today. 

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