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How to Select a Broadband Plan That Matches Your Needs?

Broadband is a name in the world of internet that today offers a myriad of people to get
connected across the globe. It’s a boon for the people who work from home or people working
in the offices. Now, the internet has reached to every corner of the world and become a vital
part of our lives. So, think for a while that can you imagine your life without the internet?
Obviously, a big NO.

This signifies that broadband is one of the major requirements of our lives. But the question
arises, how to select the broadband plan in your respective area.
Because of the availability of many internet service providers in tricity Chandigarh, it becomes
confusing to select the best one. There are several broadband plans, but the main thing is that
which plan is the best depends on your personal preferences. Once you figure it out, it will be
much easier for you to find a broadband plan that suits your needs.

Let’s check it out.

There are many broadband plans, ranging from unlimited data fast fiber plans to ADSL plans.
These all are tailored to the different users. To make an informed decision, Connect Broadband
Plans in Mohali offers a wide range of plans as per the different user requirements.
The users are classified into the below categories:

Light User

A light user is the one who spends most of his or her time in reading news, watching videos
occasionally, sending emails, spending time on Twitter or Facebook. For such people, an
unlimited plan is not the ideal option for them. But, if you watch videos on YouTube, for
instance, a few of the videos consume a huge amount of data; you might get exhausted with
that. Also, by putting video autoplay and video content on Facebook, you will discover yourself
looking for the different videos without even knowing that you are using all of that data. So, if
you want to be on a safe side, it’s recommended that you must go with the unlimited
broadband plans.

Moderate User


If you enjoy listening to the music via online and utilizing Skype, as well as doing things that a
light user actually does, this implies that you are a moderate user. A moderate user has to keep
in mind the usage, as there are chances that you might be a heavy user. Being a medium user,
select Fiber 30/10 Plans in case available or you can even use VDSL too. The speed of VDSL is
almost similar to the Fiber broadband plans. But, once you are connected with the Fiber
Broadband, your usage will get increased. Also, you can easily upgrade your plan and reap the
advantages of the fast internet.

Heavy User

If you love downloading HD movies, streamlining the complete series of the TV shows, such as
Netflix or playing games online, you are considered as a heavy user. A vast majority of people
comes under this category. The families are also the heavy users, particularly the ones with the
grown-up kids who have smartphones, tablets, and web. If there are four members in a family
or more than that, there is a possibility that all of them get connected to the web at the same
time. Also, you will put a stress on the internet connection as well.

Keeping that in mind, select the plan that as per your household. Being a heavy user, you can
opt for the Fiber, with the speed 100/20 or 100/50. It is much faster than ADSL and VDSL
broadband. This means that you can download music, games, or movies a lot quicker. Also, you
can go with ADSL or VDSL, depending upon the availability.

As if now you are aware of the type of user you are. So, choose the correct plan as per
requirement and make the best decision.


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