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VPS dedicated or cloud hosting?

All types of hosting services cater to the same purpose but with unique features and platforms based
on your technological needs. When it comes to choosing hosting services, there are certain critical
aspects that you need to look into. This blog shows a comparison of features of hosting services such
as shared, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting servers, and cloud hosting.

1. Shared Hosting Services

In a shared hosting service, your domains will be hosted on a shared server, which helps you cut
down costs on the same due to occupying limited space. You can buy space depending on your
business expansion and needs. Moreover, you do not require a dedicated person to monitor your
website activities as the shared hosting service provider will take responsibility for handling your
domain activities and notify you of critical/complex situations aroused if any. 

It provides access to multiple tools to design and develop your website reducing the cost incurred in
buying paid tools/software. If you have a single business website with various products/services
listed, it is easy to maintain but when it comes to safety and security of information, unsure how
strongly authenticated it is. 

Who and when can go for shared hosting services?

If you are a start-up company and have plans for action down the line, then you can opt for a shared
hosting service. During the initial stage, it is recommended to host your website on a shared server.
As the hosting provider manages your website, you will get enough time to concentrate on business
and aim for good growth. Until your website yields great traffic, cutting down costs on every
technical need that you look for is necessary and beneficial too.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting Services (VPS)

VPS caters the features similar to shared hosting services. Here also, you share server space with
other websites but in case your website shares server space along with resources, then the server is
partitioned into several virtual servers. One best thing with VPS hosting is you can easily configure
and set it up within no time. Besides, you get access to several web applications, tools, and software
with quick installation. It requires a lot of physical work to maintain and control problems when
occurred and keep yourselves updated on your domains. The convincing point with VPS hosting is
you only pay for what you need. 

Therefore, in terms of price, it beats dedicated servers. You can easily manage more than a customer
due to tight authentication from one layer to the other with the help of software. Moreover, scaling
up / down of your server space is possible with VPS so that you can alter your business need
accordingly. It provides a customized hosting service environment for you to take control of your
hosting from its root access.


Who and when can go for shared hosting services?

Small and medium businesses, developers and mid-sized news outlets with minimal programs can
see benefits with VPS hosting. If your business is 3 to 4 years old, it would have pulled in satisfying
traffic and it requires additional resources to maintain. That is where VPS hosting plays a vital role.
But if you opt for an unmanaged VPS hosting, then it may complicate your website set up and
configuration with delay in time.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting Services:

In dedicated server hosting, you own the hosting space and take control of it. Dedicated servers
empower high-end security and safety to your websites’ information and protect them from
hackers. No other websites will be clubbed to your server space and so you can relax from
continuous monitoring. 

Always opt for a managed service in dedicated server hosting so that you get a timely report on the
performance of all your websites along with traffic details. You can do partition and configure the
server space exactly as per your specifications. With this, you can plan the software needs of your
business accurately. Though it is highly expensive, the result you obtain in return is immeasurable. 
Who and when can go for shared hosting services?

If you are a large enterprise handling different businesses and possess multiple websites, then
without a second thought, you can acquire a dedicated server. Similarly, it is recommended for large
eCommerce and media outlets as well. You get A-Z access to the server and its resources so that
customizing space as per business need becomes easy. You get immense support all the time from
hosting service providers since you invest huge money in it.

4. Cloud Hosting Services

This is a wonderful technology where it lets you leverage your IT infrastructure effectively by
computing cloud technologies. It connects all domains to one single server/user and allows you to
monitor and maintain your websites’ information without the need for additional resources. In this
way, you can reduce the cost invested in the technical workforce. 

Extremely high traffic levels can be managed using this server without causing any damage to
information even after integrating multiple servers of yours. It lets you share resources with other
users like VPS / Shared but from your same businesses. When you create a new server space, the
cloud hosting service allocates additional resources required to maintain the websites. 

Who and when can go for shared hosting services?

It can be operated on websites that produce high traffic and requires low operating costs. If you run
a medium / large enterprise, then this is the best option. Blogger websites on the higher-end can
also opt for cloud computing services. You can blindly go with cloud hosting because you will never
experience downtime on your website if the server goes down. It utilizes other servers for hosting
the website that is down and sets it up within a fraction of seconds.



Choosing web-hosting servers is a growth pattern like your business. When you begin your business,
it starts with shared hosting and by the time you grow, you opt for better hosting services to stay in
line with the emerging technology. Make a wise decision before you choose a web hosting server
and service provider.


VPS dedicated or cloud hosting