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I was suffering from depression; this game changed my life.

The stigma attached with depression is immense. It is difficult to talk about it openly. Half of the people
won't believe you. And the other half would shrug it off by saying “it is just a phase”. Well, whatever is
the case, it does no good to the person suffering from depression. In fact, it makes their condition
worse. They want to talk about their issues but, are afraid to do so. After all, they don't want any pity.
They don't want to get mocked. And even worse they don't wish to feel like a culprit for a crime they
never did. Yes, depression is complex and doesn't come with a warning. You see a person all happy and
smiling. You think his/her life is sorted. But deep down you never know if he/she is suffering from
depression. They might be fighting their demons every single day and you won't have a clue. Sounds
scary? Well, I have been there and felt every bit of it. And had it not been for crossword puzzle games, I
would never have come out of my depression.

To put it in other words, depression was something that went hand in hand with me. There were days
when even waking up felt like a tough task. There were days when I hated everyone around me. I still
remember how my life had turned blank. Nobody understood it. It wasn't their fault though. Even I had
no clue why I felt like this. After all, my life seemed perfect. I had a well-paying job, a great family and
friends to die for. There was nothing that could go wrong with me. So, it was hard to believe that I was
depressed, and I had no reason to feel so. From heavy medications to top-notch psychiatrists, I did it all.
But nothing helped much. I thought this is how I am going to live my life now. I had given up all hopes.
However, as Rumi says, “there is always light at the end of the tunnel”. So, I found my light too in the
form of crossword puzzle games.

It was one of those days when I was surfing the internet aimlessly. My eyes stopped at a website named
Wealth Words. The name itself was very intriguing. So, I clicked on the website and landed up in this
world of words. After a little research, I got to know that it is an online crossword puzzle game which
serves as a real money earning game too. It sounded interesting. I thought of giving it a try and
registered at its website. After a token purchase worth $2 each, I was good to play this word game. And
to my surprise, I won its division 1 cash prize in my first attempt itself. The clues made the puzzle very
easy to solve. And I felt confident about myself after a long time. The win was small but, it did induce me
with instant gratification. In fact, it became my friend in distress after that day. I kept playing it all day
long in its active time frame of an hour. No matter how my mood was, a game of Wealth Words made
my otherwise gloomy life a little brighter.

It's been few months now. Wealth Words has become my ultimate companion. In fact, few days back I
even solved its super word puzzle and won cash prizes worth $2288. It was a happy feeling. No words to
describe it. I think my depression is also taking a back seat now. You know I read somewhere that
playing mentally stimulating games like crosswords releases a feel-good chemical called Dopamine
within the brain. Well, I guess that's the reason I feel happy these days. Though my medication and
psychiatrist sessions are still going. But now I am hopeful about my life. I think I will overcome

depression someday soon enough. All thanks to this life changing crossword puzzle game Wealth Words.
I owe my happiness to it.


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