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The Perfect Destinations for Family Vacations

Ah, the topic which sparks up week-long debates in modern households: deciding the
best vacation spot suited for the whole family. Dad wants to go into the wild to instill a
camping spirit in the kids, to teach them the multi-purpose functionality of car roof racks;
while Mom wishes for a place with a myriad of shopping complexes. The children, on
the other hand, want to celebrate their young spirit in a massive adventure park like
Disney World.

Even though all of these ideas are amazing if done individually, a vacation with your
family requires harmonious agreement among all the members of your tiny world; you
wouldn’t want to find yourself fighting in the middle of a holiday. And since you’re not
able to make a decision, we’re here to make your life a little simpler. Read on to
discover some great cities and countries which will surely strengthen your familial


1. London, UK



Surely you’ve heard of the British, or should we say the Brits? Word of advice, though,
do not ever call them by that nickname. Jokes apart, London is one of the most beautiful
cities in the world if you’re vacationing with your family. It is the capital city of both
England and the United Kingdom, and home to Buckingham Palace, the residence of
the world’s longest-ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. London hosts a variety of tourist
spots including museums, lush green parks, towering cathedrals and the grand Big Ben
(it is currently under renovation though).

The London Eye is a superb attraction for people of all ages, and it might just be the
‘thrill’ you’ve been looking for. Moreover, if your kids are huge Harry Potter fans, do
check out the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford, located at an hour’s journey from
the city. Don’t forget to ride on the world’s oldest underground system either, i.e., the
London Tube.


2. Toronto, Canada



The Canadian city of Toronto lies on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, a lake
among the five Great Lakes in North America. Toronto is a highly multicultural city, with
almost 130 spoken languages. Visiting Toronto is similar to catching a glimpse of the
whole world in one place. The city is home to several international markets, and the
occasional flea markets on maple-tree lined boulevards.

Speaking of maple trees, it’s a well-known fact that the maple is the Canadian national
symbol. You should try out their maple syrup when you’re visiting Toronto. In addition to
all of these you should check out the CN tower, that stands tall at the height of 447
meters, making it the second tallest tower globally, right after the Burj Khalifa; the
Hockey Hall of Fame, since ice hockey is their national winter sport and devour
delicious food all the while.


3. Paris, France



Nicknamed as the 'fashion capital of the world,' Paris has a lot in store for your whole
family. Paris is a neatly woven network of little streets known as rues in French. Each of
these rues is either named after a person or a significant event in French history. These
streets have some of the best cafes, patisseries, boulangeries (French bakeries) and
restaurants in the world. The French population is hugely fond of desserts, especially
cheese (which, by the way, they have for dessert), and the countless sweetshops in the
city are a testimony to that fact.

You shouldn’t miss out on the Eiffel Tower, especially in the summer, when the view
from the pinnacle of the tower is worth the long wait at the bottom. After that, you can
head out to Champs Elysees, a whole street lined with grand shops of the world’s
premium brands like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and many more. The Arc the
Triomphe, a historical arch dedicated to the Great Napoleon flanks the Champs Elysees
on its west and the Place de la Concorde on its east. The Louvre Museum, located a
few miles away, is home to the globally known Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci.

You could walk around the area and discover cute souvenirs for your home. Moreover,
you can take your kids to Disneyland Paris and hop onto bone-chilling rides like the
Space Mountain for a thrilling experience.

4. Prague, Czech Republic


The Gothic town of Prague is the perfect family destination if you love a tranquil
environment. The City splits into two major regions - the Old Town and New Town, and
the iconic Charles Bridge, whose construction culminated in 1402 connects them. The
Old Town Square is the flagship attraction in Prague - it is the point of confluence of all
the roads that meander through the Old Town and lies at the heart of Prague. It features
the ancient Astronomical Clock that dates back to the 15th century, making it the oldest
operational clock.

The Prague Castle, aged over a thousand years, currently serves as the Czech
President’s office and is an acclaimed tourist attraction mainly due to its unique
architecture and historical significance. The castle houses a safe with seven locks which
open to the Bohemian Crown Jewels, exhibited every five years or so.
Apart from these, Prague is a city that resembles some of the towns as described in
many fairy tales, making Prague one of the premier choices for clicking amazing
photographs for the family wall you have at your home.


5. Sydney, Australia



Located along the shore of the South Pacific Ocean, Sydney is the perfect place for a
family vacation if you’re escaping the chilly environment in the Northern Hemisphere
during the latter half of the year. Fun fact, you can have Christmas celebrations during
the summers in Sydney.

The well-known attractions in Sydney include the Opera House, situated right next to
the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you visit the Opera House during the evening hours,
you’ll be able to catch stunning views of the bridge against the backdrop of the whole
city. You can pitch a canopy on the Bondi Beach, go swimming in the Pacific Ocean
(and use this fact as an ice-breaker during conversations) and stretch away later. The
Darling Harbour and the Royal Botanical Gardens are some must-see spots while
you’re in Sydney

If you’re more into adventure sports, you can take a day’s trip to Melbourne and go dirt
biking on the finest tracks that exist out there. Check out the dirt bikes for sale
Melbourne site for some biking tips you wouldn’t want to miss before heading out.


A family vacation calls for a perfect blend of each family member’s interests, and the
above list serves precisely this purpose. Each destination in this list has a mixture of
activities that everyone would enjoy; from the father to the kids. Happy vacations!


Destinations for Family Vacations