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The Pros and Cons of Online Courses

Out of the many benefits that technology has provided to us one would be the ease and benefit to sit at
home. While all the online courses were once considered inferior to the lecture halls nowadays the
stigma has totally faded away. Now with the advancement in technology the standard academic
curriculum has changed.

Not that the virtual classrooms are of any less importance, but even online colleges have become an
accessible option for many. Students can now do anything at the comfort of their homes. Whether
young or old students have the choice to pursue their career no matter whenever they feel like. But are
there even any benefits to online learning? Or is there something that is missed while taking online

The Pros of Online Learning

Flexible Learning

When you opt for an online course you have a very flexible schedule to do the rest of the daily tasks.
Like you can do a job side by side, study and take out time for other activities as well. No matter where
your place of stay is located you can study a course for which classes are given in some other place,
country, nation. Digital classrooms can be accessed anywhere so that is the best part. You also do not
require classroom attendance.

Individualized Learning

Students that take online courses can learn in a way that can benefit them. Online learning helps the
students that understand their weaknesses and strengths. This method is helpful for students who are
slow learners as they not have to pretend picking up early like others. At their own pace anybody can

Online courses give huge opportunities to people who want to pursue education at an older age
There are students who might have left studies years back and wish to get back to studying they can opt
for online education. People who are older in age will feel more confident in attending online courses
compared to those who are young. The Central Alabama Community College has 44% students who take
online classes. And, a large chunk of the students are above the age of 30.

The Cons of Online Courses


In big organization and companies’ employers look for employees who have got their education from a
regular institution and have taken offline classes. Employers generally take it as a drawback, and they do
not consider people with offline educational course as competitive people. Because people who have
not studied in a physical classroom those people do not have the practical life experiences of solving
problems, analyzing real life situations and conditions.

Online Courses are not available for different Subjects


Although there are many options available for pursuing an online course but one that it lacks is the
variety of subjects and courses that it has to offer. There is a very limited choice when it comes to
choosing the perfect option and making the right choice for your life and a bright future.

Lack of 1 to 1 teaching

The biggest drawback for opting for an offline course is that there is no 1 to 1 teaching in an in any
online course. Although the classes are live but still in case of confusion your teachers are not available
all the time for 1 to 1 interaction. When there is no direct teaching the students will have to wait for a
very long period for response.


The Pros and Cons of Online Courses