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Best travel websites to have a guest post featured on

Traveling prepares you to face unexpected challenges like language
barriers. It enhances your problem-solving abilities and builds your
confidence and creativeness.

Had a refreshing and mindblowing journey? Do you wish to share your
travel experience with people out there? Write a travel blog.

But, if you don't have the time to post daily, your page wouldn't flourish
and, people are not going to read your blogs. Instead, you can try guest
blogging. It drives traffic to your site by increasing your exposure. But,
choosing the right website to have your post featured on is vital. Not all
websites help you build links and rank higher on google.

Here are a few travel websites that have high domain authority.


1. International Living -


International living, shortly called IL provides intuitions on hotspots
around the globe. It also offers conferences and events, real estate
services, local contacts in several tourist destinations, an online book
store of essential guides to various places, and other subscriptions and
exclusive VIP services. You will get all the information needed for a stay
abroad. You can also read updated information from their e-letters free
Daily Postcards and Fund Your Life Daily. They also issue a monthly
magazine that provides intricate details on global travel, living, retiring,
and investing overseas. You can write in any of the above by following
the proper guidelines listed on their website. Its domain authority is 68


2. Travel Supermarket -

Travel Supermarket is the UK market's leading price comparison
service. It leaves you with no stress of financial problems during your
travels. It values your money and time. It also provides services for car
hire, hotels, cruise, flights, airport lounges, airport parking, and travel
insurance. Their service is free of cost. They obtain information from
travel companies such as EasyJet, British Airways, Thomas Cook, etc.
These companies will pay them for your click through to a provider. Its
domain authority is 67 and has a huge fanbase. You can write in their
blog by contacting them through the contact details provided on their


3. GlobalGrasshopper -

This website gets an average of 360,000 views a month. Its domain
authority is 59 and is ranked no.3 in Travel Authority in the UK. People
view their posts over a million times. They accept quality articles from
bloggers and in return offer a link back to your blog. They prefer travel
related blogs with a word limit of 850 and consisting of high-quality


4. World Hum -


World Hum publishes videos, slideshows and travel stories of high
quality. The stories from this site also appear in 'The Best American
Travel Writing' anthologies. The stories have also won Lowell Thomas
Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers. You can
contribute to any of the Travel Stories, Speaker's Corner, Travel
Interviews, Audio Slideshows or Lists sections. They feature narratives,
rants, interviews, and photographs on travel-related topics, be it about
your solo ride on best dirt bikes Sydney or your adventure
photography. You can submit your 1500+ words article along with your
bio through an email. This domain authority of this website is 59.


5. Heather on her travels -

The domain authority of this website is 53. You can find all the travel
inspiration, tales, and information through this website. This website
takes you to different places. It also provides you with reviews on
travel-related products and books. It has a great guest post featuring.
You can give away guest posts with high-quality photos. You can also
promote your book or travel-related product through a guest post on
this website.

You can contribute guest posts if you have a website, or track record
of published articles, or social media channels or in-depth information
of your article title. You can benefit from your author profile and a link
back to your website in the bio. You can write articles on things to do,
food experience, hiking, and itineraries. You can share the article link in

social media and obtain more views. Look for article and photo
guidelines, article submission, and payment details on the website.


6. Divergent Travelers -

This website has a multi-award winning travel blog. It gives away all
information to the readers on an adventure, photography, and travel
gear. You can explore various cultures, destinations, and travel better.
It reaches more than 5 million people every month. You can get along
with them through brand partnerships, videos, photography, travel
campaigns, adventure missions, etc. Its domain authority is 47.


7. Insider Journeys -


For over 25 years, Insider's Journey captivates travelers. The website
believes that travel is more than a vacation. It takes people to different
countries and explores its glory. You can send a mail to to contact them. You can browse tours to
different places and read the stories. You can add your journey story as
well. The domain authority of this website is 38.


8. Trails Unblazed -

image source
Trails Unblazed is a website created by Englanders Laura and Chris.
It is the travel diary of fantastic destinations. It will help you through
your future getaways, hikes and day trips. Its domain authority is 35. It
features on matador network, eastern mountain sports, U.S.News ect.,
It accepts guest posts and helps in gaining attraction.


9. Anew Traveller -


The content of this website takes you through new experiences, food,
adventure, arts & culture, and various other fields. It also updates the
travel news and has a huge fan base. Its domain authority is 35 and
welcomes guest posts.

10. Am I Nearly There Yet? -

The website believes that travel is more than a vacation. It is all about
traveling, enjoying and having fun. The website takes photography
seriously. It takes people to different countries and explores its glory.
You can browse tours to different places and read the stories. You can

contribute guest posts through written articles. You can add your
journey story as well. The domain authority of this website is 34.
So the next time that you load the luggage on your fj cruiser roof rack
and set out for an adventure, don’t forget to carry a journal and note
the important details of your journey. Most of these blogs love personal
stories. If you are good at writing who knows your blog gets featured
on these top sites.


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